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Is Mayeli Alonso Detained? Meet her Boyfriend Jesús Mendoza

Mayeli Alonso Detained

Mayeli Alonso was arrested?

Mayeli Alonso Detained and Jess Mendoza’s multi-year relationship would have come to an end. Jess Mendoza, Mayeli Alonso Detained’s boyfriend, surprises her with a fantastic birthday gift. “For Lupillo Rivera to see,” Lupillo Rivera’s ex-wife exclaimed, surprised.

Jess Mendoza, the current boyfriend of Lupillo Rivera’s ex-wife, Mayeli Alonso, brags on social media about the major surprise he had prepared for his birthday, with fans commenting, “So that Lupillo Rivera looks.”

The video shows Mayeli Alonso’s boyfriend arriving with a truck full of red roses, causing her to cry.

The woman claims that everything happened after the former driver informed her that the airline had confirmed that her suitcase could be passed over as hand luggage.

When he tried to board the airline, he was rejected and told he had to pay $1,500.

Mayeli then verbally abused an airport crew member as a result of the confusion.

Mayeli Alonso’s boyfriend was arrested. (Source: Trending News)
Mayeli Alonso’s boyfriend was arrested. (Source: Trending News)

The woman admits to assaulting the airline employee who required the assistance of airport authorities, who is one of the vans escorted to take them to the public ministry in the video she is showing while whining and screaming about missing her flight.

In a second video shared on her Instagram, Mayeli argues with city police officers, who threaten to take her to court to determine the legal process.

Throughout the Los Cabos airport incident, the singer was always accompanied by her current partner, Jess Mendoza, who claimed on his Instagram stories that he was alright and thanked his followers for their concerns, as well as asking for others’ thoughts on what transpired.

Mayeli Alonso’s Boyfriend Jessica Mendoza

Jess Mendoza is a grouper singer who ‘rose to popularity’ as the partner of Mayeli Alonso, who was married to Lupillo Rivera for several years and with whom she had several scandals, the most recent of which she supposedly threatened the young man with death.

Mayeli Alonso’s detractors were quick to point out that, although being much younger than Lupillo Rivera’s two children’s mother, she already had a partner and was a group singer shortly after her divorce.

Mayeli Alonso boyfriend Jesús Mendoza. (Source: Mundonow)
Mayeli Alonso boyfriend Jesús Mendoza. (Source: Mundonow)

Jess Mendoza is ‘devastated’ by his apparent breakup with Mayeli Alonso, whom he had been dating for several years, while other videos show Lupillo Rivera’s ex asking her lover to leave their home.

He has filmed himself saying things that prove the situation is accurate.

Mayeli Alonso was comforted in the arms of singer Jess Mendoza after she broke her relationship with Lupillo Rivera because of rumors about Jenni Rivera’s brother’s alleged infidelity and an alleged sexual triad that she asked him to perform to save her marriage.

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Mayeli Alonso’s family

Mayeli Alonso, originally Mayeli Rivera, was born in Chihuahua, Mexico, on December 1, 1984, to Mario Alonso Ibarra and an unknown mother.

There is also little information about her siblings or upbringing.

The 36-year-old went to primary and secondary school, although the specific sites are unknown.

It is unclear whether Alonso attended college.

Her religious beliefs are also unclear.

Alonso is a successful entrepreneur who founded a beauty-related business chain in 2014.

She established Drama Queen Make-Up, which sells cosmetics such as multi-colored eyeshadows and lipsticks.

She also operates the Drama Queen Make-Up Academy in California, as well as Evolution Fitness, a fitness boutique.