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Is Rachel Carrasco expecting a child?

Rachel Carrasco's pregnancy rumors are making the rounds on the internet. Let us find out if the rumors are genuine.

Rachel Carrasco’s pregnancy rumors are making the rounds on the internet. Let us find out if the rumors are genuine. Carrasco has over a decade of marketing expertise in a variety of industries, including luxury, retail, FMCG, agency, real estate, health tech, and banking.

The Filipino entrepreneur uses her experience to help firms grow while also empowering women to reach their full potential.

Carrasco started her first marketing job at the age of 18 with a friend’s event company.

Check Your Facts: Is Rachel Carrasco Pregnant?

Rachel Carrasco is rumored to be pregnant. However, neither Rachel nor anybody close to her has confirmed the information.

The businesswoman posts images on Instagram on a daily basis, but none of them hint at a pregnancy.

As a result, the reports of Rachel Carrasco’s pregnancy do not appear to be true.

Carrasco is a frequent Instagram user.

Her Instagram handle, @rachelcarrasco, has 32K followers.

Rachel Carrasco is a Filipino entrepreneur. (Source: Instagram)
Rachel Carrasco is a Filipino entrepreneur. (Source: Instagram)

She worked as an executive assistant to a managing director for a bank in Singapore.

She resigned from her job after encountering bias from female coworkers.

She later joined LVMH as a brand manager for the company’s prominent champagne houses, including Dom Perignon, Krug, and Ruinart.

She also managed Kimberley Clark’s baby care businesses before launching her own company, Rache, in 2017.

Rachel Carrasco: Who Is She? Her Family And Husband

Rachel Carrasco is a well-known entrepreneur and the founder of Rache and Baken.

Carrasco was born in the Philippines and attended St. Scholastica’s College in Manila for high school.

In 2008, De La Salle University granted her a Bachelor of Arts in production design.

While in college, she was a member of the student council.

The Filipino businessman is currently unmarried. She is currently 34 years old and has no plans to marry.

Carrasco, on the other hand, suggests a tie with Victor Consunji, a Filipino entrepreneur.

Rachel Carrasco was on a France trip with Victor Consunji. (Source: Instagram)
Rachel Carrasco was on a France trip with Victor Consunji. (Source: Instagram)

Maggie Wilson, a Filipino actress and beauty queen, is the ex-husband of Consunji.

Wilson and Consunji married in December 2010 and have a kid named Connor who was born in 2012.

Wilson and Consunji have not yet divorced after being separated since September 2021.

However, the latter’s growing romance with Rachel Carrasco has raised quite a few eyebrows.

Rachel tweeted a photo of herself with Consunji in Paris’ Pont des Arts in November 2022.

The caption stated “Toi et Moi,” which is French for “You and I.”

Carrasco also shared another photo with Consunji in December 2022.

The two were spotted at Falaise d’Aval, France.

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Rachel Carrasco’s net worth

Rachel Carrasco is a Filipino businesswoman with a net worth of $5 million as of 2023.

Carrasco is the founder of Rache and Baken and a Rio Cocktail partner.

She has amassed a fortune through her successful business career.

Rache, a 2017 startup, is an experimental marketing firm specializing in mindful brand storytelling.

Similarly, Baken is a food company that sells bacon-flavored snacks.

The company provides bacon-flavored snacks, cookies, and jam.

Baken has offices in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong, in addition to the Philippines.

Her cocktail brand, Rio, also sells Strong Zero beverages in a variety of flavors.

We can readily estimate Rachel’s wealth in the millions based on the success of Baken and Rio.