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Jocelyn Goode, Sarah Goode’s Daughter, Was Four When Her Mother Died.

Sarah Goode

Jocelyn Goode is Sarah Goode’s daughter, and many people have been inquisitive about her. In season 25, episode 23, Dateline highlighted the case of Sarah Goode, a 21-year-old mother who committed suicide in jail after being arrested. In the broadcast, Dateline included her mother, who disclosed that she did not return home after partying with her friends; they assumed she was staying with her.

But when she didn’t show up for work two days later, they were concerned and filed a complaint.

The next day, she was discovered in her car.

Fingerprints and blood stan were taken from the crime scene, and the killer was promptly apprehended.

Sarah Goode’s daughter, Jocelyn Goode

Sarah Goode had a four-year-old daughter, Jocelyn, who was with her parents when she went out.

She had her daughter with a schoolboy when she was a teenager, her father joined the army.

She was sent to her grandparents on occasion.

Sarah died in June 2014, and her daughter is now 13 years old.

Her parents raised her till she was an adult.

The discovery that Sarah was the mother of a 4-year-old kid was upsetting.

Despite being pregnant, she did not drop out.

She continued to attend college after Jocelyn was born.

Jocelyn has been cared for by her sister and her husband, Nick, in addition to Srah’s relatives.

Several images of young Goode with her uncle Nick can be found on his Instagram account.

Sarah Goode
Sarah Goode’s missing post. Source: twitter

This demonstrates that she has a close relationship with her aunt and uncle.

They have been raising her since she was four years old.

Sarah’s Facebook page has also remained active following her death.

Her family has stated that they wish to keep Sarah connected through her Facebook account.

They frequently uploaded images of their daughter spending her birthday without her mother.

They brought Sarah back to life with a Facebook post.

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Sarah Goode, Jocelyn Goode’s mother, was murdered.

Following the inquiry, Dante Taylor, 19, was the last person to call Sarah Goode, and subsequent GPS, phone records, and a blood-stained handprint found in Sarah’s car showed that Taylor was the one.

He was released after a brief detention because police obtained his fingerprints, DNA, and phone records without his authorization.

Police also searched his car without a warrant, so he was only detained for a short time.

Sarah Goode
Man Who Murdered Sarah Goode Found Dead In Prison. Source: patch

The reason for Sarah’s death was unknown, but one of Taylor’s pals said that he wanted to date Sarah but she declined.

He was arrested for the attempted rape of a lady he threatened with a knife three years after Sarah’s death.

While in detention, he was charged with Sarah Goode’s second-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

However, Taylor was discovered dead in his cell in October 2017.

His family filed a case against the officer, claiming that he was severely abused by corrections officers while in prison, prompting him to attempt suicide.