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Karina “Eunchae’s Star Dairy” about her hair horror story:


Karina from aespa tells “Eunchae’s Star Dairy” about her hair horror story:

Karina from aespa recently appeared on the popular YouTube show “Eunchae’s Star Dairy” with fellow member Ningning. Throughout the session, the two gifted idols demonstrated their funny personalities and addressed a variety of issues, including their current single “SPICY.”

However, it was Karina’s disclosure about her experience with blonde hair that piqued netizens’ interest.

Hong Eunchae, the show’s host,

expressed her delight at having aespa as guests, admitting to being a major admirer of the group.

and even performed a brief demonstration of the dance routine, which left the crowd smiling.

Hong Eunchae jokingly replicated their dance skills, giving levity to the episode.

Karina in eunchae diary source: Youtube

During the discussion,

Karina revealed her hair makeover for the “Spicy” era.

Karina, who is known for her lovely dark hair, decided to go blonde for her comeback.

She did, however, admit that the procedure was not without its difficulties.

“My hair was always dark colored, so I bleached it,” she explained.

“I totally prefer dark hair,” Karina said passionately when asked if she preferred blonde or black hair.

I don’t think I’ll ever go blonde again. This is the final time!”

Karina went on to describe the bleaching process’s toll on her hair, comparing it to a “burnt sparrow” after each shower.

She described the upsetting image of her hair flying away while drying, revealing the depth of the bleaching damage.

Ningning, who was standing next to Karina, confirmed her statement, stating how tough it was to keep their blonde hair.

During the presentation, aespa revealed their big appetites in addition to their hair disclosures.

Karina proudly declared that they were “foodies” who enjoyed eating a lot of food.

During a group supper, she highlighted an unusual instance in which aespa

consumed more food than their male trainee counterparts, although having fewer members.

To everyone’s amazement, Karina revealed that aespa could easily spend 3,000,000 won on a single supper, demonstrating their passion for good food.

Hong Eunchae, on the other hand, offered an amusing detail about her group, LE SSERAFIM.

They were, according to her, picky eaters who favored salad or rice.

She stated that she and Sakura belonged to the “rice team,”

but they typically ended up ordering just one portion to share, leaving aespa stunned at their frugality.

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Netizens, who are usually quick to discuss the current news,

Karina with her member source: People

had a variety of reactions to Karina’s statement about her blonde hair issues.

Here are some responses from the internet community:

“I understand Karina’s aversion to going blonde again. “Hair damage is no laughing matter!”

“I adore Karina in any hair color, but her natural dark hair is absolutely stunning!”

“It’s refreshing to hear idols discuss the difficulties they face with styling and transformations.”

“I respect aespa’s candor. They are always honest with their fans.”

“3,000,000 won on food?” I need to go out to eat with Aespa!”

“Hong Eunchae’s revelation about her group’s eating habits is amusing.” I adore the friendship between these idols!”