Net Worth and Salary

Net Worth and Salary


Kimberly Sustad

Kimberly Sustad

Kimberly Sustad- Biography

Kimberly Sustad is an actress who has appeared in a number of popular television series, including “Supernatural,” “Alcatraz,” and “Continuum.” She was born in Ottawa, Canada, and is best known for her roles in “Supernatural,” “Alcatraz,” and “Continuum.”

She’s also acted in a number of indie cinema projects and has appeared in a number of stage performances over the course of her career.

Net Worth and Salary of Kimberly Sustad

According to sources, she has a net worth of over $1 million, which she has accumulated primarily through a successful acting career.

She’s also done work on the big screen and in a number of television shows. It is believed that as she progresses in her job, her fortune would grow as well.

She also enjoyed horseback riding, which sparked her interest in the animal.

She earned a BA in acting from Trinity Western University and went on to pursue a career as an actress.

In 2005, she was cast in an episode of “Supernatural,” which aired during the first season of the fantasy horror series starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, and was one of her first acting roles.

Professional Career of Kimberly Sustad

In 2012, she was cast as a guest star in an episode of the television series “Continuum”.

A story about a terrorist organization and a police officer from the year 2077 who travels back in time to 2012.

She also appeared in the television movie “A Bride for Christmas,” about a man who wants to win a bet by convincing a woman who is recovering from a broken engagement to marry him by Christmas.

Sustad had more employment in 2013, including a role in the police procedural drama series “Motive.”

She was also cast in “Super Buddies,” the seventh and final installment of the “Air Buddies” franchise, a direct-to-DVD film.

Her final project of the year was the Lifetime Original Movie “Baby Sellers,” which starred Emmy Award winner Jennifer Finnigan and Golden Globe winner Kirstie Alley and depicted a criminal enterprise of infant trafficking based on true events.

Sustad subsequently went on to star in “Signed, Sealed, Delivered,” a Hallmark Angel series, and then in “The Nine Lives of Christmas,” another Christmas-themed television movie.

Her next project was McKenna in the television movie “All Things Valentine,” which she starred in 2016.

She also starred in Monika Mitchell’s film “Hearts of Christmas.”

One of her most recent ventures is the film “Walking the Dog,” which tells the story of two competitive lawyers who become closer when their canines fall in love.

Relationship Status of Kimberly Sustad

Kimberly is in a relationship with Scot Sustad, according to numerous reports, as evidenced by her various social media sites.

However, because they have the same last name, many people wonder if it’s just a relationship or if they’re married.

They were most likely married before she embarked on a career as an actress.

They had a daughter together, as evidenced by photos on her social media pages.

She announced her pregnancy with twins through a photo on social media in 2017, and she uploaded several photographs of her twin daughters on her social media accounts. Her twin daughters were born in June 2017.

Social Media of Kimberly Sustad

She is quite active on social media, especially Instagram, where she frequently publishes photos of her children.

She also displays photographs of herself with Scot and her friends.

She continues to perform, as evidenced by some of her photographs, which include some behind-the-scenes shots from some of her projects.

There is also a Kimberly Sustad Twitter account, although it only uploaded her photo and is unlikely to be her account, as it only reposts tweets from a video game profile and hasn’t been active since 2014.

Her husband, on the other hand, works in marketing and content development, therefore he is highly active on social media.

He is described as the CEO and co-founder of Digital Hot Sauce Inc., a Vancouver-based company that provides services to a variety of small and medium businesses.

Scot Sustad’s Facebook profile has a photo of Kimberly on the cover, and she also appears in several of his Instagram photos.

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Quick Facts of Kimberly Sustad

  • She was born in Ottawa, Canada, and is an actress, best known for appearing in a variety of popular television series, including “Supernatural”, “Alcatraz” and “Continuum”.
  • Sources estimate a net worth that is over $1 million, mostly earned through a successful career in acting.
  • Kimberly is in a relationship with Scot Sustad, as seen in her various social media accounts.
  • They have a daughter together, and pictures can be seen on her social media accounts.
  • In 2017, she announced through a picture on social media that she was pregnant with twins, subsequently born in June 2017.
  • She is very active on social media, particularly on Instagram, on which she posts a lot of pictures of her children.