Net Worth and Salary

Net Worth and Salary

Reporter television host TV Show Host

Louis Aguirre

Louis Aguirre has a Net Worth of $2.3 million.

Louis Aguirre

Who is Louis Aguirre?

Louis Aguirre is an American TV show host. Louis Aguirre is always looking for the best in whatever he does, as he intended. Miracles in the Making, his Emmy Award-winning reporter, is his most well-known work. Assignment Havana, about the Cuban missile crisis, and Silence Equals Death, on the AIDS epidemic’s spread, are two of his other famous news stories.

Aguirre has been working with Humane Society & Best Friends, a Georgia-based animal rescue organization, away from the spotlight.

For nearly 30 years, Louis, the Insider co-anchor, has worn Annick Goutal Eau D’Hadrien fragrance. Furthermore, his preferred beverage is a dark-colored red grape wine, which he enjoys with pizza for dinner.

Net Worth and Salary of Louis Aguirre

Louis Aguirre starred in Sex and the City and makes a comfortable living as a journalist.

He has recently joined the WPLG-TV network as a news anchor for the Local 10 news program.

As a result, his annual income might range from $80,901 to $80,901 in the same percentile as a Local 10 news anchor.

Louis enjoys collecting high-end, branded automobiles.

He currently has a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus, which retails for $39,490.

He also stated that the BMW i3 model is the car that he would like to drive in the near future.

As a result, he might be willing to pay $44,450 for the most expensive model.

Louis, the host of Deco Drive, has been in a number of films and television shows.

His major filmography includes Single in South Beach and The Suitor, as well as cameos on JAG, Burn Notice, Supergirl, and a variety of other TV shows. As a result of his outstanding acting credits, he most likely received a hefty salary.

Aguirre, on the other hand, promotes a number of high-end and fashionable goods.

So far, he’s worked with Ermenegildo Zegna and Dolce & Gabbana on endorsement arrangements.

Earth-Wind & Fire, The Beatles, and Fleetwood Mac are among his favorite bands.

As of 2021, he has a net worth of $2.3 million, which is significantly less than Scott Mackinlay Hahn’s total fortune.

Louis Aguirre
Louis Aguirre posing for a photo. Source: Miami Design District

Birth, Parents, Siblings & Education of Louis Aguirre

Aguirre’s entire birth name is Louis Juan Aguirre, however, he prefers to be addressed as Louis Aguirre.

Furthermore, his birthday is November 12th, and he was born in the year 1966.

Aida Aguirre, Aguirre’s mother, is a stay-at-home mom, while his father, Louis Juan Aguirre, is a retired engineer.

In Miami, Florida, he grew up with his gorgeous sisters, Michelle Martinez, Tessie Mayo, and Angie Aguirre.

Louis is in the middle, his mother is on the left, and his father is behind him.

Harold Sackstein, Aguirre’s late maternal grandpa, served in World War II.

He was a patriot who devoted his life to his family and his nation.

Aguirre also honors his grandfather and the other 18 million courageous shoulders and women who fought for their country honorably and unselfishly every year on Veterans Day by posting his grandfather’s image.

Harold Sackstein, Aguirre’s late grandfather, was a riffle man in the US army during World War II.

In terms of Aguirre’s schooling, he received his primary and secondary education at Belen Jesuit Preparatory School.

After studying French literature of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries as well as Intensive French Grammar Pronunciation Phonetics in 1987, he became an alumnus of Université de Paris at La Sorbonne.

Since 1988, Louis has held a dual degree from the University of Miami, earning a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Communications and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in French language.

Maribel Perez Wadsworth’s oldest son, too, is a University of Miami graduate.

Facts of Louis Aguirre

Birth Date November 12, 1966
Full Name Louis Aguirre
Profession Anchor/Reporter
Nationality American
Birth City Miami, Florida
Birth Country America
Father Name Louis Juan Aguirre
Father Profession Engineer
Mother Name Aida Aguirre
Mother Profession Engineer
Gender Identity Other
Horoscope Scorpio
Marital Status Relation
Networth $2.3 million
Education University of Miami

Relationship Status 

Louis Aguirre, 54, has been dating Matt Macdonald, an American interior designer, for more than two decades.

After a change of meeting in the Design District, where Louis used to dwell, the two met for the first time in 1999 at a party in New York.

Since then, the pair have been enjoying their long-term relationship as actual partners.

Furthermore, they are both ardent travelers who have visited the Bahamas, as well as Spain’s local culture, including the Prado in Madrid, the Picasso Museum, and Gaudi’s Barcelona.

On July 7, 2018, Louis and his companion boarded a yacht for the Aeolian Islands, where they spent their vacation admiring the rocky island.

When Louis recorded the amazing moment on camera, he filled the photos with his partner’s happiness and posted them on Instagram.

The couple is complete foodies who are constantly on the lookout for delectable items to add to their menu.

Throughout an interview, the couple revealed that they enjoy visiting their favorite eateries in Miami during the summer.

According to Louis, his favorite eating establishment is Mandolin Aegean Bistro in Buena Vista, Miami, whereas his partner, Macdonald, prefers Via Emilia on South Beach, Miami, Florida.

Aguirre and his companion, Matt Mcdonald, are on a rescue mission to help street dogs in Miami, Florida.

Louis and Matt, their criminal partners, live in Miami Beach, Florida, with two pet dogs, Reilly, a mixed Labrador Retriever, and Chief, an impaired Dalmatian.

They also saved their pups with the support of Friends of Miami Animals, a non-profit organization that is still on a quest to save more canines.

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Quick Facts of Louis Aguirre

  • He is best known for his Emmy Award-winning reporter, Miracles in the Making.
  • The 54-year-old, Louis has been dating an American interior designer, Matt Macdonald for more than two decades.
    Louis is on a rescue mission with his partner, Matt Mcdonald to save the street dogs in Miami, Florida.
  • Aguirre’s full biological name is Louis Juan Aguirre, but he introduces himself as Louis Aguirre in an alternative way.
  • Aguirre’s late grandfather, Harold Sackstein was a riffle man in the U.S. Army who served in World War II.