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Net Worth and Salary

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Louise Newbury

Louise Newbury’s net worth is about $1 million

Louise Newbury

Who is Louise Newbury?

Louise Newbury is best known as the widow of actor Bill Paxton. In 1987, Louise Newbury married Bill. Louise had been married to Bill Paxton for over 30 years until his death.

The completion of the procedure is the true cause of his death. She was a well-known actress, director, and musician. Bill has been in several films over his life. Now that Bill is no longer alive, she is referred to as his widow.

What is the net worth of Louise Newbury?

Louise Newbury’s net worth is about $1 million

Louise Newbury
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Facts of Louise Newbury

Full Name: Louise Newbury
Marital Status: Widow
Gender: female
Husband / Wife Name: Bill Paxton

Louise Newbury: Birth, nationality, and ethnicity

There isn’t a much known about Louise Newbury’s life.

Her birth date, childhood, parents, and schooling are all unknown.

She is of British nationality and of Caucasian ethnicity.

Similarly, she dislikes being in the spotlight and was rarely seen at Hollywood gatherings, even when her husband was there.

Louise Newbury: Relationship Status

Louise Newbury and actor Bill Paxton first met as teenagers. She was only 17 years old at the time.

They initially met on a bus in London. Bill, the late actor, stated this in an interview with Los Angeles Magazine.

“She recognized me while I was in trouble. She was a college student. We met on a London bus.

I’ve witnessed her giving birth. When her father died, I was with her. Then we blended our blood as we watched these two children grow up.”

Similarly, in another interview, he revealed more romantic details.

“I met my wife on the number 37 bus on London’s Twickenham High Street. I noticed a lady in a bus line… She gives me a glance as she boards the bus, and that was all the motivation I needed.”

On May 12, 1987, the pair was married. Hudson’s armor is emblazoned with her name.

They had also been married for nearly 30 years! Her husband, actor Bill Paxton, died on February 25, 2017, at the age of 61, as a result of complications following surgery.

“A loving husband and father, Bill began his career in Hollywood in the art department and went on to have an outstanding four-decade career as a renowned and prolific actor and filmmaker.”

Bill was previously married in October 1979 to actress Kelly Rowan.

However, the couple split in less than a year. They were not married and did not have any children.

Louise Newbury: Children

Lydia Paxton and James Paxton are the children of Bill and Louise Newbury.

Their son, James Paxton, was born in 1994, and their daughter, Lydia Paxton, in 1997.

Similarly, Lydia is a Duke University student who will graduate in 2020, and James, like his father, is an actor.

James was initially interested in journalism but later decided to pursue a career in acting.

He presently appears on Eyewitness News in the United States. He explains:

“When you’re a youngster, you don’t have any inhibitions. When you’re in front of a camera, you’re just like, ‘Oh, yeah, I got this.’ I knew I had to go back to school if I wanted to do this [professionally]—you still have to earn your stripes out here, no matter who you’re related to.”

Body Dimensions

Louise Newbury, a mother of two, is still a stunning woman.

Her hair is brunette, and she has gorgeous Hazel eyes.

Her bra size, waist size, hip size, height, weight, shoe size, and dress size, however, have not been divulged.

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Social Media Status

Louise Newbury has completely disappeared from social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

She strives to retain her privacy as he raises her two children.