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Matheus Telles, Hannah Nicolaisen’s Future Husband

Matheus Telles

Hannah Nicolaisen of American Idol fame Hannah Nicolaisen is a singer that auditioned for the upcoming season of American Idol 2023. Is she a married woman? Discover Hannah Nicolaisen’s future husband.

Hannah Nicolaisen is a skilled singer who appeared in the latest season of American Idol. On Sunday, February 19, the singing competition’s season 21 returned to ABC.

The singer was born in She is originally from Houston.

Aside from her vocal abilities, she is also a volleyball player who has always prioritized her athletic career.

so two months previous to applying for American Idol, she worked full-time in the vocation.

Nicolaisen was always reluctant to go on a new musical path,

even though the judges were happy to hear her sing brilliantly with her distinct voice.

Hannah also astounded the judges with her singing abilities.

They looked delighted to see her in the future of music, as Ketty Perry compared her to a pristine vintage automobile sitting in a garage.

She also stated, “That just needs to start the engine, girl.”

On the show “American Idol” Matheus Telles, Hannah Nicolaisen’s Future Husband

Matheus Telles
Matheus with his wife source: People

Hannah Nicolaisen is making headlines on the internet for her incredible audition on American Idol’s forest season.

Similarly, many people spotted her and were surprised to discover her singing ability,

thus they are also wondering about her husband and whether she is married or single.

For the record, the brilliant singer is engaged to be married to Matheus Telles.

On December 12, 2022, the couple announced their engagement.

Hannah Nicolaisen and her soon-to-be husband, Matheus Telles.

Hannah wrote a gorgeous photo of herself with her lover showing off her ring, “Looks like forever, baby.”

The comment section is packed with Hannah’s admirers and close friends

congratulating her and hoping that the couple will marry soon.

Despite their quiet on their wedding plans, the couple appears to be mostly focused on their careers at the moment.

Hannah Nicolaisen’s Relationship History

Hannah Nicolaisen, a singer and volleyball player, is engaged to her boyfriend, Matheus Telles.

They’ve been dating since 2018, according to her Instagram handle.

After four years of dating, the long-term pair got engaged.

The lovebirds are the cutest duo, and their followers adore them.

Similarly, Hannah and Matheus are a dream couple, and the love frequently posts

stunning photos on their social media handles. In addition, the couple looks to be each other’s first and last love.

As a result, we have no idea of Hannah’s other love life, despite the fact that she has been in contact with her better half, Matheus, for over four years.

Matheus Telles
Telles singing on stage source: Twitter

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Hannah Nicolaisen’s Biography Examined

Hannah Nicolaisen is a Huston native who attended Texas and graduated from Cypress Woods High School.

Similarly, she completed her post-secondary education at Cowley College in Kansas, where she studied science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Hannah played volleyball in addition to singing.

According to insiders, she recently abandoned her 9-5 job as an IT recruiter to focus on her singing career.

However, little is known about her profession, including her age and family,

but we do know she has a brother named Heath with whom she has a close relationship.

Hannah also chooses Tiktok to showcase her talents and frequently publishes her singing videos on the platform.