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Meet Elijah DeWitt’s Parents and His Sister Delaney DeWitt

Elijah DeWitt

Many people are looking for Elijah DeWitt’s family members and history after his death on October 5, 2022, as a Georgia high school student and football star. Elijah DeWitt, a Georgia high school student, and football player, died tragically on October 5, 2022, after Chandler Richardson and Kemare Bryan shot him after a fight.

DeWitt, who was eighteen at the time, had excelled as a receiver for Jefferson High School, earning him the nickname “Easy E” from NFL player Cam Newton.

He was a dedicated individual who was enthusiastic about football and athletics.

Furthermore, once Elijah’s killers are apprehended, many people want to know more about his parents, family history, and siblings, who were crushed and grieved at the time of his death.

What we know about his parents and family history.

Dawn and Craig DeWitt: Who Are They? Meet Elijah DeWitt’s parents

Elijah DeWitt’s sad family has gotten attention as a result of the suspect’s arrest and subsequent filing of charges.

The young man was a devoted son whose parents always supported and believed in him.

He was quite close to his mum and father.

Dawn DeWitt and Craig DeWitt are his parents, according to reports.

Craig DeWitt, his son’s father, declared after his death that he had forgiven his son’s killers.

“Forgiveness is for the forgiver,” he told Fox 5. We don’t want any hatred in our home.”

Elijah DeWitt
Elijah DeWitt’s family. Source: nysports

In addition, Elijah’s mother, Dawn, described her son as a lovely spirit, saying, “I want him to be known as a fierce competitor with a very big heart.”

She went on to say that the teen’s greatest ambition was to play college football.

“He truly simply embraced that dream, and nothing seemed to ever stand in his way,” Dawn observed.

Miss DeWitt has been Elijah’s mother for 18 years, and she cannot understand why someone would want to harm him.

Furthermore, the Georgia high school student was not only a loving son but also a caring brother to his sister, Delaney DeWitt.

Elijah’s sister, Delaney, stated that she will always mourn her brother but is convinced that he will always be at her side.

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Elijah DeWitt was on a date with his girlfriend Bailey Reidling when he died.

Elijah DeWitt was on a romantic evening with his longtime love, Bailey Reidling, when he was fatally shot in a hotel parking lot.

They had been together for about five years and were much in love.

Reidling stated that the couple visited Dave & Buster’s on October 5 at the Sugarloaf Mills Mall in Lawrenceville.

They met up with buddies to play games in the arcade and eat at the restaurant.

Elijah DeWitt
Elijah DeWitt’s dying moments recounted by his girlfriend. Source: nysports

Bailey told Fox News Digital that when it came time to place their dinner order, DeWitt kissed her on the forehead and handed her his credit card.

She went to the restroom first, and when she returned, she said her partner was nowhere to be seen.

When she went outside to look for him, she saw Elijah on the ground with a gunshot wound.

After getting into a brawl, Chandler Richardson and Kemare Bryan fatally shot Elijah at that point.