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Meet Sam Kerr’s Girlfriend, Who Is A Lesbian.

Sam Kerr

Relationship Timeline, Kristie Mewis

Women’s football fans want to know if Sam Kerr, their favorite player, is a lesbian. So stick around until we uncover Sam Kerr’s Lesbian News. Kerr is a member of Australia’s dazzling group of women’s football players. Sam OAM is an Australian professional footballer who plays for her country. She is frequently used as a forward.

In addition, the Australian footballer is a member of Chelsea’s FA Women’s SL (Super League).

Sam Kerr is the NWSL’s (National Women’s Super League in the United States) all-time leading scorer.

The female Golden Boot winner has won the award in three different leagues.

Kerr is the first female footballer to win the title on three continents.

Learn More About Sam Kerr Lesbian News

Yes, Sam Kerr, Australia’s talented female footballer, is a lesbian.

No, she is not married and has no husband.

Kerr is openly dating American football player Kristie Mewis.

The Australian female footballer posted a photo of herself kissing US soccer player Kristie. They announced their relationship on Instagram.

She has been close to her partner, Kristie, ever since she moved to the United States to play in the league.

The two female lovers live near their training grounds.

Kerr, on the other hand, has not identified as gay in any of her previous interviews.

The footballer’s open involvement with women has led to her being classified as gay.

Furthermore, Australia has been welcoming to gay athletes, and the country’s government does not discriminate based on sexual orientation.

Furthermore, there are more than four openly LGBTQ players on the New Zealand sports team, including Ruby Tui, Kelly Brazier, Gayle Broughton, and Portia Woodman.

Sam Kerr’s Girlfriend Mewis, Kristie

Sam Kerr, a talented Australian footballer, is in an open relationship with her new partner, Kristie Mewis.

Although it is unknown when the two footballers from different countries fell in love with one another.

However, the two recently announced their romance to the public by posting personal photos on their Instagram account.

Kristen Anne Mewis, Kerr’s girlfriend, is an American professional football player. She was born on February 25, 1991.

Mewis also plays midfield for Gotham FC. The Gotham FC midfielder has played for the club in a number of National Women’s Soccer Leagues.

Football player Sam Kerr and her new girlfriend Kristen comfort each other
Football player Sam Kerr and her new girlfriend Kristen comfort each other Source: CNN

She also played for the Houston Dash from 2017 to 2021, as well as Bayern Munich in the 2015-2016 season.

As of this writing, Mewis has over 339 thousand followers on Instagram. She has made at least 514 posts on the platform.

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Timeline of Sam Kerr’s Relationship

Samantha May Kerr, also known as Sam Kerr OAM, has had multiple partnerships in the past, in addition to her current affair with Mewis.

After playing as opponents, Sam Kerr’s girlfriend Sam Kerr and her new girlfriend Kristen console each other on the field. (Insider source)
Apart from Kristen, the Chelsea striker dated a number of ladies. Kerr had a romantic relationship with Perth Glory.

She has also dated Nikki Stanton. Kerr was a former Chicago Red Stars teammate.

Kerr, as previously stated, is a lesbian who has openly dated various women, including Mewis, Glory, and Stanton.

The Nike female brand spokesperson has always been candid about her personal life.

We shed light on Kerr’s past and present romantic relationships with women.

The Chelsea forward maintains an active Instagram account. She has at least one million Instagram followers.

Kerr and Mewis share a unique friendship.

Despite the fact that they were rivals and had played against each other countless times, the two female rivals fell in love and were seen as gorgeous together.