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Michael Tell

Michael Tell

Who is Michael Tell?

Michael Tell is a rock promoter from the United States. Michael Tell is best known as the late American actress Patty Duke’s ex-husband. The couple’s early 1970s marriage made news when they split up shortly after walking down the aisle.

Michael shot to fame in the 1970s after marrying Patty Duke, a well-known actress. Michael has kept his personal life out of the spotlight since their romance ended. He hasn’t been active on social media, making his personal life a mystery.

Birth, Parents, Siblings & Education of Michael Tell

Michael Tell is a citizen of the United States and comes from a Caucasian ethnic background.

Furthermore, little is known about his parents, childhood, or educational history.

The Internet doesn’t even know his date of birth.

Net Worth and Salary of Michael Tell

Michael Tell’s net worth is estimated to be at $1 million dollars.

He has amassed a sizable fortune through his successful career as a music promoter.

On average, he earns between $100 and $150 thousand dollars per year.

Patty, on the other hand, had a net worth of $10 million at the time of her death.

Michael Tell
Michael Tell posing with his son Sean Astin. Source: Pinterest

Relationship Status 

Before marrying actress Duke, Michael Tell didn’t date her for a long time.

In June 1970, Michael and Patty married. According to reports, the Academy Award-winning actress married Michael while insane.

She married Michael, who was subletting her apartment, on the spur of the moment.
Patty had just found out she was pregnant with her son when she married Michael, according to reports.

Michael and Duke divorced 13 days after their wedding, and their marriage was annulled a year later.

Patty Duke had a husband. Four Times Overdue Oscar-nominated actress Patty Duke married four times throughout her life.

In 1965, she married director Harry Falk for the first time. Her first husband was thirteen years older than she was.

They divorced in 1969, just four years after their wedding.

Patty married Michael after her first divorce, but the marriage only lasted 13 days.

After her second marriage failed, Patty began dating actor John Astin, whom she married in 1972.

In 1973, they welcomed actor Mackenzie Astin into the world. In 1985, Patty and Astin divorced after 13 years of marriage.
Michael Pearce, a drill sergeant, was Patty’s fourth husband.

They married in 1986 and lived happily ever after till her death in 2016.

The couple did not have any children of their own, but they did adopt a son, Kevin, who was born in 1988.

Patty Duke, Michael’s ex-wife, died on March 29, 2016, at the age of 69.

Patty died of sepsis from a perforated bowel. She was most known for her role as Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker.
Mitchell K. Stubbs, Patty’s agent, reported her death. Sean Astin, Patty’s son, issued a statement on behalf of the family, which read:

“This morning, Anna PATTY DUKE Pearce, our beloved wife, mother, grandmother, the matriarch, and the wonderful artist, humanitarian, and mental health activist, closed her eyes, quieted her agony, and ascended to a beautiful place.”

“We honor the infinite love and compassion she shared through her work and kindness throughout her life,” the statement said.

Duke has previously struggled with bipolar disorder, which he was diagnosed within 1982.

Anna Marie Duke was born in Elmhurst, New York, on December 14, 1946.

She began acting as a child, and her first notable part was on Broadway in 1959, when she played Helen Keller.

Sean Duke, the son of actress Patty Duke, was born on February 25, 1971.

Patty’s son was born less than a year after her divorce from Michael Tell. For years, many of her followers assumed Michael was Sean’s father.

Meanwhile, Patty’s romance with Tell only lasted a few days, and she was also dating a couple of other men at the time. As a result, there was some doubt about Sean’s biological father.

Patty eventually came to the conclusion that her kid, Sean, was fathered by actor John Astin.

They kept their connection a secret for a long because the actor was married at the time. In 1972, John and Patty married after he divorced his first wife, Suzanne Hahn.

Years later, when Sean was 14, his mother Duke admitted that his biological father was Desi Arnaz Jr., who already had two children, Haley and Julia.

Following that, actor Sean Astin worked to improve his connection with Arnaz. Meanwhile, when Sean was around 26 years old, he met a Tell relative who claimed they were linked in some way.

Following that, Sean was motivated to learn more about his biological father and conducted a DNA test with three of the men who could be his biological father.

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Quick Facts of Michael Tell

  • Patty’s fourth marriage was with a drill sergeant, Michael Pearce.
  • Patty, who is famous for her portrayal of Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker died of sepsis from a ruptured intestine.
  • Patty gave birth to her son less than a year after her marriage to Michael ended.
  • Patty ultimately came up to the conclusion that actor John Astin was the father of her baby, Sean.
  • The paternity test showed Michael was his biological father.