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Natalie Hazel Harnish Obituary And Death Cause

Natalie Hazel Harnish Obituary And Death Cause

Natalie Hazel Harnish’s obituary honors the life of a lively six-year-old girl who gave joy and happiness to everyone she met. Three lives were sadly lost in the aftermath of a terrible rainfall that ravaged rural Nova Scotia in July 2023, including that of a bright and vibrant six-year-old girl named Natalie Hazel Harnish.

Natalie’s effervescent spirit, known as a brilliant light, could liven up any space.

Her warmth and kindness affected everyone she met,

making a lasting influence on family, friends, and everyone who knew her.

Her untimely and terrible death left a gap that will be felt deeply by those she loved and who loved her.

Natalie Hazel Harnish Obituary Information

Natalie Hazel Harnish’s obituary is a painful reminder of the lively and happy soul she brought into the world,

while her death highlights the unforeseeable and catastrophic consequences of natural disasters.

This tweet refers to a news item or blog post on Natalie Hazel Harnish’s obituary and her connection to Nova Scotia.

Natalie, who was born on November 11, 2016, in Halifax, Nova Scotia,

was a lovely young girl who brought endless joy and vitality into the lives of her parents,

Nick and Courtney Harnish, and her elder brother, Christian.

Natalie’s contagious energy could be seen in her passion of cheerleading and her numerous cartwheels

around the home. Her love of bright colors and princess gowns complemented her vivacious and joyful attitude.

Natalie Hazel Harnish
Natalie Hazel death news source: Twitter

Natalie adored the Oaklawn Zoo,

to which she insisted on obtaining season passes.

The encounter with her favorite animal, Blueberry, the bear, was the highlight of her visits.

Natalie, fearless and full of amazement, relished getting up close to the bear and reveling in its presence.

During her free time, she enjoyed watching series like A for Adley and Blues Clues with her brother Christian.

The cause of Natalie Hazel Harnish’s death has been linked to a flash flood in Nova Scotia.

Natalie’s premature demise was linked to a severe rainfall that hit Nova Scotia on July 21 and 22, 2023, according to tributes to her life.

The tragic thunderstorm in Nova Scotia killed three people,

including six-year-old Natalie Hazel Harnish, leaving the town in despair.

This calamitous occurrence caused catastrophic flash floods in rural regions,

including the Brooklyn neighborhood where Natalie’s family lived.

Natalie, five-year-old Colton Arthur Sisco, and 52-year-old Nicholas Anthony

Holland were among the tragic victims who died while leaving their homes during the flood.

A surge of water washed their vehicles off the road as they raced to flee the quickly rising floodwaters.

Natalie liked spending time with her extended family during overnight visits to her grandparents’ home.

These meetings were filled with laughter, running, dancing, enthusiastically screaming,

and games like hide and seek, and they frequently lasted well into bedtime.

Natalie Hazel Harnish
Picture of flood which killed Natalie Hazel source: Youtube

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Natalie Hazel Harnish has received numerous tributes.

Natalie’s family, friends, and community members have shared their fond recollections of her,

recalling her contagious energy, love of cheerleading, and predilection for bright attire.

They portray a picture of a small girl who could brighten up any room with

her sparkling grin and loving demeanor via sorrowful yet cherished memories.

The tragic loss of Natalie and two others in the Nova Scotia flash floods has shocked the community.

Nonetheless, the outpouring of tributes demonstrates her continuing impact on all who knew her.