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Nova Rockafeller’s Age, Profession, Family, Wiki, Height

Nova Rockafeller

Who exactly is Nova Rockafeller? Nova Rockafeller, born Nova Leigh Paholek, is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, and music video director. She gained popularity following the release of her album, Insufficient Fund. She contributed to the soundtrack of the 2015 teen comedy The Duff.

In 2017, she and Tom MacDonald established the music duo GFBF.

Her songwriting credits include Gang Gang (Scared of Heights 2021), Church, Problem, Did Your Best, and many more.

Biography of Nova Rockafeller TimeLine

Nova Rockafeller is a Canadian rapper, singer, and producer known for her distinct sound, which incorporates punk rock, pop, and hip-hop elements.

She has released multiple albums, cooperated with a variety of performers, and has been acclaimed for her unique musical approach.

On July 22, 1992, Rockafeller was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

“Insufficient Funds” is Rockafeller’s debut album, released in 2009.

CBC Music names Rockafeller one of Canada’s top ten hip-hop musicians of 2012.

Rockafeller joins 300 Entertainment, a record company co-founded by music industry veteran Lyor Cohen, in 2013.

She releases her second album, “Gangster Thursdays,” in 2015, which includes duets with Freddie Gibbs and Madchild.

Rockafeller releases a slew of tunes in 2017, including “1990s,” which highlights her punk rock background.

2019: Rockafeller partners with rapper G-Eazy on the hit single “Bang,” which is featured on various major streaming playlists.

2020: Rockafeller publishes her third album, “RE-UP,” which includes collaborations with a number of new musicians, including Justina Valentine and Scru Face Jean.

About Info
Full Name Nova Rockafeller
Profession Rapper, singer, songwriter, and music video director
Popular For Her album Insufficient Fund
Age (As of 2022) 29 years old
Date of Birth July 22, 1992
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Birth Place Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity Not Available
School/University Not Available
Height Not Available
Eye Color Not Available
Weight Not Available
Estimated net worth $3 million
Father Not Available
Mother Not Available
Spouse Tom MacDonald
Children None
Siblings Terry Paholek
Social Media InstagramTwitter

Nova Rockafeller’s Early Years

Nova Rockafeller was born on July 22, 1992, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

She is currently 29 years old.

Nova was born with the sign of Cancer, according to her natal date.

By nationality, she is Canadian.

Despite being born in Edmonton, she traveled about a lot as a child due to her parents’ employment.

Nova Rockafeller
Nova Rockafeller during a video shoot. Source: Youtube

She grew up in Jamaica, a Caribbean island.

Her family later relocated to Toronto and New York City.

Her parents worked in a variety of fields.

They had a water sports company in Jamaica for a while.

Music was a passion for Nova’s parents and brother Terry Paholek.

Her passion to be a vocalist was fueled by her family’s musical atmosphere.

Nova Rockafeller Scotia

Terry Paholek is Nova Rockafeller’s brother.

Rockafeller has kept a lot of information about her family, particularly her parents, private, which is regrettable.

Much information regarding her family is still being studied.

Nova is dating Tom MacDonald, a successful Canadian rapper with a large global fan following.

Tom is a well-known Canadian rapper with a significant international fan base.

He also has a YouTube channel that has over 2.68 million subscribers.

Nova Rockafeller
Nova Rockafeller with her boyfriend Tom MacDonald. Source: Twitter

The musician couple began their gorgeous romance in 2017 after meeting through a mutual acquaintance in 2016.

Since then, the pair have nurtured their relationship into a lovely world.

Rockefeller committed her entire being to his cause.

She shot and directed all of his music videos after 2017, designed his website, co-wrote hooks with him, and coached him through the music industry to avoid the pitfalls she encountered.

They’ve worked together on various song projects since they both enjoy music.

The duo has fantastic chemistry and enjoys one other’s company.

Until tonight, there had been no murmurs about their quarrel or hostility in their relationship.

Nova Rockafeller’s Career

Nova Rockafeller has always been interested in music and has liked it since she was a child.

She began performing when she was fifteen years old.

She dropped out of high school to focus solely on her singing career.

The singer began rapping as a result of a high school boyfriend.

She was unstoppable after that.

Her singing career has earned her a great deal of respect and money.

Insufficient Funds, Rockafeller’s debut album, was released in 2011 and chronicled six months of her life.

During The Pirate Bay’s previous incarnation as ‘The Promo Bay,’ Rockafeller had her song ‘call me (BATMAN) 347-574-7192’ published on the front page in 2012, and the music was freely available for download.

After Mercury Records discovered her, Rockafeller came to New York and signed with them.

Her three-and-a-half-year contract with Def Jam was abruptly terminated when the label dismissed her.

Rockafeller came into the mainstream with her track “Made in Gold,” which peaked at number 20 on Sirius Top Hits during her time with Def Jam.

The song was featured in the teen comedy film The Duff.

Her music has also been included on television shows such as Siesta Keys, Dancing with the Stars, and Bad Girls Club.

Scared of Heights, Rockafeller’s upcoming album was previewed in 2021 with the release of “Hey You,” her first solo single in almost two years.

The video gained over 250k views in just one day.

Nova Rockafeller’s Education

Nova Rockafeller was born in Edmonton but grew up in Jamaica.

She dropped out of high school and went to the Edmonton Youth Emergency Shelter, where she started rapping in retaliation to her ex-boyfriend.

Nova Rockafeller’s monetary value

Nova Rockafeller’s net worth is predicted to be $3 million as of 2022, according to credible web sources.

This income is sufficient to cover all of her assets, earnings, and real estate.

Her primary income comes from her work as a rapper, singer, composer, and music video director.

She also has a YouTube channel where she posts music videos.

Her YouTube channel presently has over 233K subscribers.

Her band, GFBF, is named after herself and her boyfriend.

The rapper duo is a tough adversary.

Their cooperation has resulted in a string of hits.

In general, the artist leads a lavish lifestyle.

She lives a privileged existence, which she constantly brags about in the media.

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Nova Rockafeller’s Social networking sites

Nova Rockafeller is active on a number of social networking platforms.

On Instagram, she goes by the name @novarockafeller.

Her Instagram account is followed by 175k people.

She is also on Twitter, where her handle is @NovaRockafeller and Instagram.

She has almost 40.5k followers on Twitter.

She may also be found on Facebook, where she goes by the handle @ Nova Rockafeller.

Her Facebook page has 239k likes.

She has a sizable fan base on all of her social media sites.