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Parents of Dalton Janway: Father, Mother, and Family

Dalton Janway

Learn about Jimmie Johnson’s nephew Dalton Janway’s parents, who were killed in a shooting alongside Dalton. According to police, three relatives of seven-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson were shot to death on Tuesday in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

The bodies of Jack Janway, 69, his wife Terry Janway, 68, and their 11-year-old grandson Dalton Janway were discovered on Monday, according to Muskogee police spokesperson Lynn Hamlin.

The bodies were located near Tulsa,

Some 50 miles (80 kilometers) southeast of the city.

Police said that when they arrived on the site, they discovered a body in the hallway and heard another gunshot coming from the house.

Inside the house, the cops discovered two more deceased victims.

According to authorities, all three victims were shot.

Terry is being investigated as a suspect by police, who are still looking into his possible intentions. Continue reading to learn more about the case.

Dalton Janway’s Parents: Who Are His Parents?

Dalton Janway
Dalton with his parent source: Facebook

Janway’s grandparents are Jack and Terry Janway.

However, the boy’s parents’ identities have yet to be exposed to the media.

Johnson’s wife, Chandra Janway, is the child of Terry and Jack Janway, making them Johnson’s in-laws.

Her three siblings are Jordan Janway, Marianne Janway, and Caleb Janway.

Chandra, Terry and Jack’s daughter, is a family-oriented person who has a close bond with her siblings.

Marianne Janway, Chandra’s sister, appeared to be struggling to wake up from a nightmare in a

Facebook post on Monday night. Marianne wrote, “Please tell me this isn’t really happening, please god, someone.”

She elicited a lot of sympathy;

Some think she’s Dalton’s mother. However, it is unclear whether she is the mother of the murdered 11-year-old.

Terry and Jack, Dalton’s grandparents, died when they were 68 and 69 years old, respectively.

Janway Chiropractic and Acupuncture was owned by Jack.

When asked about Jack, Mayor Marlon Coleman told FOX23 that it was sad to find that

a well-established family that had given so much to our community was implicated in this conduct.

Jor-El Janway, one of these Jordans, died in a skydiving accident in 2014 at the age of 27.

Despite the tragic occurrences in Chandra’s personal life,

Such as the loss of her parents, Jack and Terry, and nephew, Dalton Janway,

their memories continue to fuel her humanitarian activities and her unwavering determination to make a positive difference in the world.

Janway’s path has numerous facets, which include: A successful career in the entertainment industry.

A passion for generosity.

A strong will that propels her forward.

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The Tragic Deaths of Jimmie Johnson’s In-Laws and Nephew

Dalton Janway
Janway’s parent source: People

On Monday night, June 27, 2023, it was reported that Janway’s parents and their grandchild had been shot to death.

The deaths of Jack Janway, Terry Janway, and their 11-year-old grandson,

Dalton Janway was discovered at their Muskogee, Oklahoma home.

On a fateful night, Dalton’s parents and grandparents, Jack and Terry Janway, were discovered dead in their home.

According to authorities, the incident is being investigated as a murder-suicide.

Terry Janway is suspected of shooting and killing her husband and grandchild before killing herself.

According to Hamlin, when police arrived on the scene, they discovered one person near the home’s

entryway and heard a gunshot from farther inside, where they eventually discovered two more bodies.

Chandra Janway, Johnson’s wife, and her nephew, according to Hamlin, are among the three.