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Phillip Dorsett’s Parents: Who Are They? Phillip Dorsett Sr. and Vertez Dorsett

Phillip Dorsett

Phillip Dorsett’s parents must be proud of their son’s athletic achievements. Several championships and trophies have been won by Phillip Dorsett, the striving young American football wide receiver. Dorsett rose to prominence after playing for the Houston Texans in the National Football League (NFL).

In 2015, the Indianapolis Colts selected the gifted player in the first round of the NFL draft.

On May 27, 2015, he signed a four-year contract with the Colts.

Phillip Dorsett Sr. and Vertez Dorsett are his parents.

His parents enrolled him in St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

In addition, his father worked as a coach at the same institution.

His parents had been married for 29 years, which is unusual.

Phillip Sr., his father, still adores his mother, and their relationship is still blossoming after 25 years.

The man’s parents are also active on social media, particularly Instagram.

He never forgets to wish Vertez, his children’s mother, a happy anniversary.

Phillip Dorsett
Phillip Dorsett’s Family. Source: Instagram

Vertez writes in the same post, “I love you (referring to her husband) to the moon and back.” May God provide us many more.

Phillip Dorsett Sr married his sweetheart, Vertez Dorsett, on August 28, 1989.

Vertez graduated from Boyd H. Anderson High School, according to a reliable news source.

Dorsett’s parents have contributed significantly to his success on the field.

The Patriots’ wide receiver is regarded as one of the fastest in the league, which is likely due to his father’s history in track and field.

Furthermore, his parents must be overjoyed with their son’s accomplishments.

His parents, like any other sweet and happy married couple, are a significant inspiration to him.

Phillip Dorsett’s Father, Sr. Was A Field And Track Coach & Mother Was A Board Director

Phillip Dorsett Sr. is a well-known assistant track coach at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale.

While his kid was a student, the father coached him in track.

Similarly, his mother participated in the Local Youth Football League.

Vertez became personally connected with her son while serving on the board of directors for the Washington Park Buccaneers.

Dorsett’s youth football team is the Washington Park Buccaneers, who compete in the South Florida Youth League.

Phillip has a close relationship with his parents.

Phillip Dorsett
Phillip Dorsett’ parents. Source: Instagram

Phillip, like his father, rose to prominence as a wide receiver in American football.

Similarly, Dorsett Sr. was honored with his first touchdown.

His parents have a similar attachment to their son.

Phillip, according to his father, was the type of athlete who would practice even after he had finished for the day.

Despite Sr.’s harsher discipline, Phillips always wanted to practice more.

Finally, the father was pleased with his son’s assistance to him, other children, and his teammates.

Similarly, Phillip is very close to his family and stated that despite having a huge family, he has a tight relationship with each one.

He stated that he represents his family with the highest regard.

His mother, Vertez, also wished her son a happy birthday, saying she was very proud of him and wishing him even more success in life.

He will undoubtedly be the most exciting player to emerge from the American Football League.

He is the name that will bring about a great deal in the coming days.

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Phillip Dorsett Unknown Facts

  • Phillip has no relation to former NFL player Tony Dorsett.
  • Many admirers are perplexed since their surnames are similar.
  • Briana Dorsett-Moore, his sister, is an Instagram influencer.
  • The bikini champion is a fitness nutrition professional who is passionate about bodybuilding.
  • Dorsett’s parents’ Instagram handles are U_Patriots_Dad and U_Patriots_Mom.