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Remi Lucidi’s Death and Obituary:

Remi Lucidi’s Death and Obituary:

Remi Lucidi’s death captivated the world’s attention when the French adventurer tragically fell from the 68th story of a Hong Kong building. Remi Lucidi, also known as Remi Enigma on the internet, was a 30-year-old French adventurer and extreme sports sensation.

He was well-known for filming his daring feats

and had amassed a following for his thrilling adventures.

Among his many accomplishments were climbing skyscrapers

without safety equipment and doing parkour acrobatics.

One of his most talked-about stunts was scaling the brink of a 980-foot-high chimney in France.

Tragically, he died today after falling from the 68th level of a

Hong Kong residential building while attempting to climb it.

According to the New York Post, an anonymous source stated that Lucidi

appeared to request assistance by rapping on the window. Let’s get into the specifics right away.

Remi Lucidi
Remi doing stunt source: People

Death and Obituary for Remi Lucidi

Throughout his career, Remi Lucidi established a reputation for doing a wide range of risky acts.

He was sleeping at a hostel after arriving in Hong Kong for a holiday,

and his untimely death provoked a flood of condolences.

The hostel owner, Gurjit Kaur, described him as a “friendly and humble guy” with a “healthy and fit” appearance who constantly wore a joyful face.

When Kaur learned of his death, she was devastated.

In addition, a hostel employee stated that he had multiple chats with Lucidi.

Remi Lucidi’s death after falling from the Hong Kong Tower has troubled everyone who knew him.

He talked of Remi’s love of trekking and visiting Hong Kong’s mountains.

He also remembered Lucidi discussing hiking a mountain during one of their conversations.

Fans of Lucidi expressed their sadness and disbelief on social media.

One Instagram user said, “Rip brother,” expressing their grief over the loss of a fellow explorer.

“I don’t wanna believe it Remi, I don’t wanna believe it,” wrote another. “Take it easy, bro, I love you.”

A third individual wrote, “You’ll never leave us, you’re unique,” demonstrating Lucidi’s influence on his fans.

Remi Lucidi, a daredevil, died after falling from a building.

Remi Lucidi
Remi death video source: Youtube

Lucidi, a French adventurer, and extreme sports enthusiast,

found himself in Hong Kong’s Tregunter Tower complex on a fateful evening.

He claimed to be seeing a buddy on the 40th floor, but when approached by a security guard, the friend denied knowing him.

Despite the guard’s best efforts, Lucidi was able to slip away and reach the 49th floor via elevator before mounting the stairs to the rooftop.

Lucidi was last seen at 7:38 p.m., when he tapped on the penthouse window, surprising a maid who immediately called the cops.

To illustrate, Lucidi, determined to photograph the roof, forced open the closed door leading to it.

Remi was attempting to climb the 68th story of a Hong Kong residential building when he fell.

Despite discovering the roof hatch open, those hunting him were unable to locate him.

The maid, startled by the tap on the window, immediately summoned the police.

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Authorities believe he was seeking assistance

because he was discovered outside the penthouse prior to the tragic catastrophe that claimed his life.

Lucidi was tragically pronounced dead at the scene.

The cops recovered his camera, which contained footage of his daring actions.

Despite an inquiry into Remi Lucidi’s death, officials had not

reached a definitive conclusion about the cause of his unfortunate death.

Medical examiners have yet to issue an official statement detailing

the specific cause or events that contributed to his death.

Following his unexpected death, fans and the extreme sports community

throughout the world lamented the loss of Remi Lucidi, the adventurous spirit.