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Savannah Grant: Woman who served 20 years in prison for throwing acid?

Savannah Grant

Savannah Grant was sentenced to 20 years in prison for throwing acid at her boyfriend’s secret lover. Let’s find out what Savannah Grant’s boyfriend’s name is. Savannah has become an internet phenomenon after one of her interviews was broadcast on the YouTube channel UNWINEWITHTASHAK yesterday.

Grant has recently attracted media attention for what she did 20 years ago, and in the same interview, she justified the occurrence, how it occurred, and what led to the scenario.

Similarly, Grant is receiving a lot of hate comments, and people are surprised to learn her excuses, as many of them feel she doesn’t need to justify the entire scenario after 20 long years when she has already damaged someone’s life.

Savannah Grant, who served 20 years in prison for throwing acid into her boyfriend’s secret love

Savannah Grant is the lady who is currently known for serving 20 years in prison for throwing acid into her boyfriend’s secret love.

Sabrina Greenlee, the mother of American football player DeAndre Hopkins, is the victim.

The crime occurred in 2002, and she was released after serving her sentence of 20 years.

Grant also pled guilty to assault and battery with intent to murder.

She was sentenced to 20 years in jail in South Carolina.

Savannah Grant
Savannah Grant during the interview and trials. Source: YouTube

Savannah’s buddy informed her about her boyfriend and Sebrinna’s relationship.

Nevertheless, Grant was unaware of the two’s relationship.

Savannah received a call from Sabrina’s home lines one day, and they got into a violent disagreement.

Grant and her partner were enjoying the comforts of their home when the doorbell rang.

Savannah instinctively recognized the guest as Sabrina and begged her partner not to respond.

We can watch while Tashak Live is interviewing.

Sabrina Greenlee Information

Savannah Grant attacked Sabrina Greenlee with acid in 2002 when she was 30 years old.

Aside from the incident, she is also recognized as the mother of American football player DeAndre Hopkins.

Three weeks after the attack, Greenlee was hospitalized and lost sight in her right eye.

Savannah Grant
Sabrina Greenlee with her son. Source: ESPN

According to reports, she lost approximately 40% of her vision in her left eye.

Sadly, Greenlee was unable to attend any of Hopkins’ bouts; yet, she never missed a game.

According to Variety, she will also appear in a film directed by Sam Bailey, with Kristen Buckley writing the screenplay.

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What Is Savannah Grant’s Boyfriend’s Name?

As soon as people learn about Savannah Grant, they want to know about her boyfriend, including his name and other information that led to the two women’s squabble.

Because the internet is buzzing about the man Savannah was fascinated with, Grant includes his name, Anton, in the same interview.

However, nothing much is known about Anton at the time, and he has never confronted the media or spoken freely about the issue.

Anton has recently become a hot topic, with people making disparaging remarks about him because he was playing with both ladies and instead, the two women have to suffer, one with 20 years in prison and the other with blindness.

As this tragedy is gaining widespread public notice, more information about Anton may become available in the next few days, allowing us to learn more about him.