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Sieun Expresses Concerns About Her Brother’s Extensive Studying


 Who is Sieun?

Sieun is a South Korean singer and actress. After debuting as a child actress in 2014, she starred in several television series and films, winning the award for Best Young Actress at the 2018 SBS Drama Awards for her role as young Woo Seo-ri in Still 17.

She was both an actor and idol trainee at JYP Entertainment

But left the company in 2019 after JYP Actors became defunct.

After signing with High Up Entertainment in December 2019,

She is the daughter of Park Nam-Jung, one of the most popular singers in South Korea in the late 1980s.

Sieun with Stayc member source: Kpopping

STAYC’s Si-eun, Park Nam-jung’s eldest daughter, was concerned about her younger brother, Park Si-woo.

Park Nam-jung and his wife, Park Si-woo, appeared on Channel A’s “Oh Eun-young’s Golden Counseling Room,” which aired on March 3.

Si-eun, who starred in the film, expressed concern for her younger brother until he was accepted to university.

“I can’t forget Si-woo’s disappointed expression before learning of his acceptance to university,”

she remarked. Si-woo pushes himself to the limit because he is too tight with himself,”

and added, “He doesn’t sleep enough and seems to isolate himself from all types of relaxation, such as sleep and eating.” He still works out for three hours a day.”

“Even when he stayed up late studying and came home in the early morning,”

Sieun talking about her brother source: Youtube

Park Nam-Jung added,

“I never scolded him because he worked so hard.”

“I’m concerned that Si-woo frequently gets sick and has a weak immune system

as a result of these habits,” Si-eun added, “and I hope he takes care of his health.”

“There were times when he looked too intense,” Park Nam-jung admitted in the studio.

I had a habit of holding him back. I was scared about what would happen

if he fainted or if things went wrong after seeing him work so hard towards his goal.”

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“Don’t I have a goal to get into university?”

Park Si-woo responded. When I had that aim,

my entire outlook on life shifted. I was frequently late or unable to return home.

I kept falling asleep when studying at home because there was a bed next to me.

I once awoke on the day before a test. I couldn’t take that, so I studied all night in a library near the academy

and then drove my car to school,” astounded people around him.