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Srdjan Djokovic and Dijana Djokovic: Novak Djokovic Parents

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is a Serbian professional tennis player. Novak Djokovic dominated the world rankings for 373 weeks. He also set a record as the year’s best player seven times. Among his 21 Grand Slam men’s singles trophies, Novak holds a record nine Australian Open crowns. In singles, he is ranked sixth in the world by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP).

Novak has won 92 ATP singles titles, including a record 65 Big Titles and a record 38 Masters titles.

Djokovic completed the non-calendar year Grand Slam in singles, making him the only player in tennis history to hold all four major titles at the same time on three different surfaces.

Novak achieved a double Career Grand Slam in singles for the first time in the Open Era.

Srdjan Djokovic and Dijana Djokovic are Novak Djokovic’s parents

Novak appears to be a little guarded about his personal details, such as Novak Djokovic’s Parents, as the player has yet to divulge more about them with his admirers.

However, we do know that Novak Djokovic is the son of Srdjan and Dijana Djokovic.

Novak’s father owns a café and a sporting goods business in the Serbian mountains with his wife, Dijana.

Unfortunately, no additional information about them could be obtained on the Internet.

However, once Novak Djokovic’s parents noticed their son’s brilliance, they worked tirelessly to assist him reach the top.

Novak Djokovic Parents celebrating with their son (Source: HITC)

Father Srdjan stated in a 2016 interview with Newsweek that “only Novak mattered.” Everything was done to aid Novak’s current success.

However, as Djokovic progressed in the sport, his parents recognized they could no longer provide for him in the same way.

They began relinquishing control of his trainers and coaches in order to allow Djokovic to choose his own path.

Nonetheless, we know that Novak Djokovic’s parents have been and will continue to be his most ardent supporters and fans.

Meet Novak Djokovic’s Brothers and Sisters

Djokovic has two younger brothers as well as additional siblings.

When Marko was born in August 1991, Novak was four years old, and Drordje arrived in July 1995, he was eight years old.

When they were younger, the Djokovic siblings played tennis together, but only Novak rose to prominence.

Things have gone differently for his brothers.

Novak Djokovic with his brothers. (Source: Essentially Sports)

Marko has remained ranked 500th in the world.

His most notable achievement was getting named as Serbia’s fifth Davis Cup squad member in 2010.

He has begun a tennis coaching profession. Meanwhile, Djordje went a different path.

He is currently in charge of the Serbian Open, which is held at Novak’s Tennis Center.

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2023 Novak Djokovic Net Worth

Novak has yet to share his actual net worth with his supporters, therefore the exact figure is unknown at the time of writing.

According to several reports, Novak’s net worth is expected to exceed $20 million by 2023.

The athlete, however, has yet to confirm this information.

Despite his affluence, Novak does not appear to love spending money on things like vehicles, costly watches, and other items, as he has not uploaded a single image of himself flaunting those.

Novak’s Instagram handle is @djokernole, and he has almost 12 million followers.

He appears to be highly active since he constantly updates photos and maintains his page up to date.