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Stephen Keenan’s Wikimedia Commons Page And Age:

Stephen Keenan

Learn more about Stephen Keenan on Wikipedia and his age as his tale is featured in a new Netflix documentary. As the world heals from the OceanGate submarine accident, the most recent Netflix documentary focuses on another tragic incident that occurred in the water.

Laura McGann’s film The Deepest Breath

Delves into the world of freediving. Competitors in this extreme sport

submerge themselves using only their breath and no oxygen tanks or scuba equipment.

and inescapable risks — of chasing dreams through the depths of the ocean.”

Alessia Zecchini and Stephen Keenan, two divers, are the film’s subjects.

It highlights their relationship and athletic careers before the disaster.

So, what happened in Dahab, Egypt, on that historic day in 2017?

Stephen Keenan was a skilled safety diver in the sport of freediving.

Keenan was well-known in the freediving community for his dedication to safety diving.

The controversial documentary “The Deepest Breath” illustrates the thrilling

and perilous exploits of freediving, an extreme sport that involves diving without the use of oxygen tanks.

The film introduces the audience to Alessia Zecchini, an aspirational and gorgeous Italian athlete, and Stephen Keenan, a brave Irish safety diver.

Stephen Keenan
Stephen diving source: Twitter

They set out on a daring adventure together to cross the Red Sea’s infamous ‘Blue Hole.’

Stephen Keenan’s Wikipedia Biography: The Deepest Breath

Stephen Keenan’s name does not appear on the official page of Wikipedia, the world’s most popular encyclopedia.

Stephen, an Irish safety diver, became well-known and respected in the freediving world.

Keenan, from Dublin, Ireland, discovered the sport while on holiday in Dahab, Egypt, in 2009.

He decided to make freediving the center of his life after becoming enamored by its difficulties and allure.

Stephen Kennan’s true story will be adapted into a Netflix freediving film.

Keenan developed to become a highly proficient professional diver and safety diver throughout the years.

He dedicated his life to safeguarding the safety and well-being

of freedivers on their ascents, which is a critical part of the sport.

Keenan was an important member of the freediving community

due to his knowledge and dedication to his fellow divers.

He performed more than just his job as a safety diver.

In 2015, Keenan co-founded Dahab Freedivers, an Egyptian freediving academy.

He shared his knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport with countless students through training and mentorship.

As a teacher and mentor, Keenan had a tremendous impact on the people he worked with.

Stephen Keenan
Stephen with his wife source: People

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How Old Is Stephen Keenan According to His Deepest Breath? Ethnicity And Origin

Stephen Keenan was 40 years old when he died, according to multiple reports.

So, we can assume that the freediver was born in 1977 in Dublin, Ireland to their parents.

Stephan’s parents were Peter Keenan and Maura Keenan.

His family idolized the Dubliner who died in a freediving accident.

He was from Glasnevin and came from a close-knit family that included his father, Peter, and brother Gary.

Stephen’s mother, former teacher Maura Keenan, died recently, and the family just remembered her.

Because they had a close relationship, the abrupt death of Stephen devastated their hearts.

Gary and Peter flew to Egypt to return Stephen’s body to Dublin so they could say their final farewells.

Keenan’s family admired his accomplishments and remembered him as a caring son and brother.

He studied microbiology at Trinity College before embarking on his freediving adventure,

which took him to Egypt and kept him there for nearly eight years.

Keenan’s family and friends remember him as a brilliant, courageous individual who lived life to the fullest.