Net Worth and Salary

Net Worth and Salary

TV personality

Sydney Zaruba

Sydney Zaruba

Who is Sydney Zaruba?

Sydney Zaruba is an American TV personality who is best known for starring on Below Deck Sailing Yacht which premiered on Monday,

Sydney Zaruba is a Senior at the University of Florida with a major in Telecommunication News and a concentration in Theatre. Sydney began her sailor’s life at the age of six days aboard her parents’ boat, Athena, and has remained on the decks ever since. Her parents purchased the Schooner Freedom when she was about 6/7 years old (2001).

Sydney Zaruba- Birth, Parents, Siblings & Education

Sydney Zaruba was practically born on deck, so to speak. Or, at the very least, she sailed for the first time at the age of six days. Sydney, on the other hand, grew up on deck and has sailed her entire life. And now her life is bringing her fame and fortune, but it is just her natural life, nothing more.

She was born on October 1, 1990, and will be 26 years old in 2020. As a result, we can say she was born on October 1, 1994. Her astrological sign was Libra.

Sydney’s father, John, was born in Jacksonville, Florida, and now resides in Saint Augustine, Florida. He was a fifth-generation Floridian with a laid-back demeanor. He attended Andrew Jackson High School for his education. We know very little about her mother.

Her parents own The Freedom, a schooner, as well as the company Schooner Freedom Charter. The Schooner Freedom is a passenger ship with a capacity of 41 passengers and a crew of at least two people.

Sydney’s family includes a sibling in addition to her parents. That sibling is Jack, a younger brother who is also a member of The Freedom’s crew. Jack received his education at Cathedral Parish School and St. Joseph Academy. He later attended Fort Lewis College for his college education. He was still in college, in fact.

Net Worth of Sydney Zaruba? Salary, Earnings

Sydney Zaruba’s net worth is estimated to be around $600,000, according to online sources.

Sydney Zaruba
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Sydney Zaruba: Relationship, Married Life, Boyfriend/ Girlfriend

Below Deck Sailing Yacht, like any other reality show, has its own drama. And in the short time, she has been on the show, she has been involved in one of the show’s dramas: the love triangle between Sydney and her co-stars Alli Dore and Gary King.

First, some context: Gary King is the yacht’s first officer, and Alli was one of the stewardesses. During one of the show’s episodes, it was revealed that Gary and Sydney had slept together, which they both admitted was just a one-night stand.

Sydney, on the other hand, began to develop feelings for Gary, whereas Gary began to develop feelings for Alli. Gary began to actively pursue Alli, and Sydney became envious. She said a few unkind things about Alli, and their relationship quickly deteriorated. Prior to all of the drama, Alli and Sydney were actually becoming good friends.

In any case, Gary and Alli eventually become a couple. After that, Sydney and Alli pretty much stopped talking. Sydney even deactivated Alli’s Instagram account. There were new developments as new episodes of the show aired. Alli allegedly ended her relationship with Gary after learning about Gary and Sydney’s earlier hook-up. Gary was also seen flirting with Sydney.

Having said that, the show’s filming was completed, and everything depicted in the show had already occurred. And the most recent real-life off-screen news was Gary and Alli moving in together.

Also, we didn’t know anything else about her boyfriends, past or present.

Body Measurement- Height, Weight, Hair Colour 

Sydney Zaruba is a tall woman, standing 5 feet 8 inches tall (i.e. 1.72 meters). She weighed around 54 kg. Her other distinguishing features are her blonde hair and blue eyes.

Sydney Zaruba– Professional Career

Sydney began her sailor’s life at the age of six days aboard her parents’ boat, Athena, and has remained on the decks ever since. Her parents purchased the Schooner Freedom when she was about 6/7 years old (2001).

Sydney was also listed as Schooner’s resident blogger and social media expert on the website. Sydney’s education was also in a related field. During college, she majored in Broadcasting and Communications. In 2017, she graduated from the University of Florida.

Sydney was a world traveler and yogi in addition to being a passenger on The Freedom. She was not only always looking for the next great adventure of her life, but she also assisted others in finding their adventure as a travel agent at Explorateur Travel and a travel blogger at The Boho Traveller.

Sydney was in Palma, Mallorca, on the date this article was published, June 15, 2021. She would return to Freedom in the spring of 2022.

Sydney had worked for another yacht called Parsifal III in addition to her parents’ Schooner. Sydney also appeared on the second season of the Bravo TV reality show Below Deck Sailing Yacht because Parsifal III was a part of it. In Parsifal III, Sydney worked as a deckhand.

Sydney Zaruba: Social Media Status

By June 2021, Sydney Zaruba had both a good and bad social media presence. She did have a sizable Instagram following (31.2k).

She didn’t have a large following on Twitter or on her Facebook page. She had nearly 2,000 followers on Twitter. She had only 200 likes and 210 followers on her Facebook page.

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Quick Facts of Sydney Zaruba

  • Sydney Zaruba was born on 1 October and she turned 26 years of age in 2020.
  • After Sydney started her sailor’s life at the age of 6 days aboard her parents’ boat Athena, she has continued to be on the decks.
  • Apparently, Alli halted her relationship with Gary after she found out about Gary and Sydney’s earlier hook-up.
  • And the latest real-life out-of-TV news was that Gary and Alli were moving in together.