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The Origin Diet

The Origin Diet

The Origin Diet – Secret of Healthy and Slender Body

The Origin Diet Program was created by nutrition specialist Elizabeth Somer after years of thorough investigation. The diet program, which is based on ancient foods and lifestyle, will alter both your body and mind.

The adage “old is gold” fits perfectly in the context of diet and lifestyle.

You may have wondered how your forefathers lived such long, healthy, and disease-free lives while not having all of the modern conveniences and pleasures.

The answer is in the query itself. Our comfortable lifestyle and luxuries have really separated us from nature.

Work that once required our forefathers to move their bodies can now be done with ease using technological devices and machines.

According to the original diet, we may secure a happy life for ourselves by being closer to nature and eating organic foods.

What exactly is the Origin Diet?

The Origin diet plan is a practical diet program that will not only trim your physique but also instill good lifestyle habits in you.

Processed and refined foods cause a slew of degenerative disorders in your body, therefore you should strive slowly to eliminate them from your diet.

Low glycemic index foods that are high in numerous critical elements nourish your body.

The diet plan emphasizes the consumption of raw and fresh foods, which is the secret recipe employed by our forefathers to get a slim and healthy body.

Who Can Adherence to the Origin Diet Plan?

The eating plan will successfully help you lose twenty pounds in six weeks.

The diet program is open to all men and women under the age of forty.

And if you are over forty and want to follow the diet program, you can do so by including foods high in vitamin D in your diet.

A carefully constructed diet program is full of nutrient-dense foods, but it lacks enough sources of vitamin D.

As you become older, your bone density decreases, making you more prone to osteoporosis, arthritis, and other diseases.

As a result, it is critical that you provide your body with adequate vitamin D.

You should spend at least thirty minutes a day in the sun to provide your body with vitamin D.

Vitamin D is abundant in fish such as tuna, sardines, and salmon, as well as cereals and yogurt.

Dieters of all ages will be able to follow the diet plan thanks to these foods and sunlight.

The Origin Diet Workouts

Our bodies reflect a lack of physical activities in the form of stress and major illnesses such as cardiac disease, excessive blood sugar, cancer, IBS, and so on.

Diet is important for our bodies, but it is not sufficient on its own.

Our bodies can be fed, but our metabolism is still dependent on physical activity.

You only need to keep your body moving no matter what type of physical activities you engage in.

And you may accomplish it by playing an outside game, doing crunches, lunges, or anything you choose.

Workouts can also be done while listening to your favorite music.

The music combines with your brain cells to offer you eternal tranquility.

Activities performed in this state of mind do not appear to be a burden to you.

Ways to Eat Healthily

We frequently pay close attention to the items we use on our skin and bodies and never consider the adverse effects.

However, when it comes to eating, we all get careless. Foods are a two-edged sword for our bodies.

Healthy foods make our bodies beautiful and sturdy, whereas harmful foods make them diseased and sad.

That being said, not all foods are healthy; you should be able to distinguish between healthy and bad foods.

As a result, you must acquire smart eating habits; here are some examples of sensible eating.

The Origin Diet
The Origin Diet Source: Wikimedia

Eat mindfully and give as much time to eating as you do to other important tasks in your daily life.

Aside from that, avoid talking to friends or watching TV while eating. You will most likely eat more food while doing so.

Instead of eating whatever you want, look at the foods’ macronutrient density, glycemic index, fatty acid composition, sodium-potassium ratio, micronutrient density, fiber content, or acid-base balance.

Your foods should be dense in macronutrients and micronutrients, with a low glycemic index, fatty acid composition, and sodium-potassium ratio.

Eat your foods numerous times before galloping them. Munching foods relieve a lot of pressure in your bowel and increase your metabolism.

Make an effort to balance your diet by including thirty percent vegetables, twenty percent carbohydrates, twenty percent fruits, twenty percent proteins, and ten percent proteins.

The Origin Diet’s Advantages

The Origin diet regimen will provide you with the following advantages.

You will obtain enough nutrition because the foods indicated in the diet program are high in phytonutrients, macronutrients, and minerals.

Exercise has been incorporated into the diet regimen.

Exercise can not only increase your metabolism but will also help your body burn fat faster.

You are urged to drink plenty of water throughout the day, just as your forefathers did.

A hydrated body will wash out pollutants more effectively and rid you of ailments.

There are various practical tactics that will inform you how to adjust to the negative consequences of unhealthy eating.

For example, drinking alcohol increases your appetite, while drinking two glasses of water reduces this effect.

Rather than giving temporary weight loss, the diet program believes in providing dieters with long-term weight loss.

Diet Plan Example

The diet program recommends eating five to six modest meals per day. Let’s take a look at one of the Genesis diet’s sample meal plans.


Breakfast can include skimmed soy milk, walnuts, raisins, blueberries dipped in Greek yogurt, and so on.

Breakfast Snacks

In your morning snack, you can eat hummus, carrots, maple syrup, low-fat dairy products, and so on.


Lunch can be a chicken bread sandwich on whole wheat grain bread, pancakes, and other items.

Snack in the Evening

In your evening snack, you can take whole grains, almond milk, one kiwi fruit, and so on.

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Dinner can include tuna, salmon, organic grass-fed beef, lentils, and so on.