Net Worth and Salary

Net Worth and Salary

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Valerie Velardi

Valerie Velardi’s net worth is $5 million dollars.

Valerie Velardi

Who is Valerie Velardi?

Valerie Velardi, an American actress, dancer, and voice artist from Connecticut, was born on July 21, 1951, making her 70 years old. Valerie Velardi gained notoriety for her participation in the Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind documentary from 2018 and the 1980 Popeye adaption.

The fact that she was the first wife of the late actor Robin Williams, with whom she divorced in 1988, is what made her most famous.

Valerie Velardi – Birth, Parents, Siblings & Education

Valerie Ann Velardi was born on July 21, 1951, in Connecticut, USA, to her parents Leonard and Dee Velardi.

He will be 70 years old in July 2021 and has the astrological sign of Cancer.

She has five siblings in total, and the details of each will be covered in the article that follows.

Valerie is of Caucasian descent and fervently adheres to Christianity.

Despite having experienced such severe mental trauma when formerly a member of Hollywood, she nevertheless managed to maintain her positive attitude and maintained her faith in her god.

Leonard Velardi and Dee Velardi, Valerie’s parents, divorced, leaving Valerie and her siblings to live with their father alone.

Although there is no information about her father’s kind of work, it can be assumed that raising five children on his own was difficult for Leonard Velardi.

After their divorce, her mother Dee Velardi’s whereabouts are unknown.

The brothers Leonard, Peter, and Theron Velardi, as well as Leslie Velardi’s daughter, are Valerie’s siblings.

The brothers and sisters shared a home and helped one another out.

In order to care for her father and siblings, Valerie had to obtain a job to support the family.

Despite all the obstacles, Valerie finished her education.

She received her high school diploma from St. Mary’s High School in New Haven, Connecticut, and went on to obtain her bachelor’s degree at Goddard College in Vermont.

She later earned her Master’s in Dance Education from California’s Mills College.

Net Worth of Valerie Velardi? Salary, Earning

Valerie Velardi’s net worth is estimated $5 million dollars.

Facts of Valerie Velardi

Full Name Valerie Ann Velardi.
Nickname Valerie.
Age (as of 2021) 70 years.
Profession Actress.Dancer.Yoga Instructor.
Birthday 21 July 1951
Place of Birth Connecticut, USA.
Current Residence San Francisco, California, USA.
Education Graduate.Masters in Dance Education.
Alma Mater High School: St. Mary’s High School.
College: Goddard College.
University: Mills College.
Net Worth (approx.) $5 million dollars.
Nationality American.
Religion Christianity.
Zodiac Sign Cancer.

Valerie Velardi – Relationship, Married Life, Boyfriend/ Girlfriend

Robin Williams is a well-known actor who Valerie Velardi wed.

She was Robin’s first spouse and experienced his ascent to prominence firsthand.

The couple got together after they both made their acting debuts in the 1980 Popeye adaption.

Robin Williams rose to fame as a comedian and actor.

Even after his passing, he remains one of Hollywood’s most famous faces.

One of the most adored actors, Robin Williams gained a sizable fan base for his performances in Aladdin, Goodwill Hunting, Dead Poet Society, Good Morning Vietnam, and other films.

However, the adored actor had a sinister side that we shall cover in more detail in this piece.

Marriage Information

As we all know and love the actor, Robin maintained his acting career and amassed enormous renown and a devoted fan base.

Valerie, on the other hand, gave up acting to become a stay-at-home mom and wife while continuing her dancing profession.

When asked about how they first met, Valerie Velardi said that Robin Williams was the bartender at the establishment where Valerie worked as a cocktail server.

Valerie Velardi
Valerie Velardi and her husband. Source: Daily Mail

Robin made Valerie a drink, and the two struck up a conversation.

When Robin requested “a ride home,” the two of them bonded and shared an intimate moment.

He was speaking to her in French, she reported, and they later shared a kiss.


Zachary Williams, sometimes known as Zak Pym Williams, was born on April 11, 1983, to Valerie Velardi and Robin Williams.

Later, Zak worked as an investor and performer in films including The Graduates and Slow Your Roll.

Zak has been married twice; he is currently wed to Olivia June, whom he wed in 2020, and divorced from Alex Mallick Williams in 2018.

Separation and Divorce

Despite their initial closeness, Robin Williams and Valerie Velardi gradually drifted apart, largely due to Robin’s demeanor toward women.

Valerie recently acknowledged that as long as the infamous actor returned home each night, she had no problem with Robin having relationships with other women.

Valerie requested a divorce after 10 years of marriage, right when Zak Williams was 5 years old, citing Robin’s dating history as the reason.

Before he met Valerie, Robin Williams was seeing a female who sued him, but he won the case.

The final straw was when Robin, Zak Williams’ babysitter, impregnated Marsha Garces.

More on Robin Williams’ life

Following their divorce, Robin Williams wed Marsha Garces, who later gave birth to Cody and Zelda Williams.

In 2010, Marsha and Robin also got a divorce because they couldn’t get along.

American producer Marsha Garces is responsible for Mrs. Doubtfire, Patch Adams, and Jakob the Liar, among other movies.

Following this divorce, Robin remarried Susan Schneider Williams, a graphic designer with 22 years of experience running her own business.

Robin was still married to Susan when he passed away in 2014.

He hanged himself because he had a rare disease called Lewy Body Disease, which caused him to experience sadness and mental instability.

Valerie Velardi remarries

Not everyone who went on after the divorce did so exclusively with Robin Williams.

Around 1980, Valerie Velardi wed the well-known instrumentalist and musician from South Africa, Ricky Fataar.

He is a well-known Beach Boys drummer who rose to recognition after appearing in the film The Rutles.

He is a well-known record producer as well.

On October 2, 1980, in Los Angeles, California, Valerie gave birth to Francesca Fataar, a daughter from her marriage to Ricky Fataar.

Francesca is close to her father Ricky and her half-sister Paloma Fataar and works as a hairstylist and painter.

We don’t yet know if she meets her half-brother Zak Williams.

Daughters and Step-Sons of Valerie Velardi

Valerie has two stepchildren on the Robin Williams side.

Zelda Williams, the daughter of Robin Williams and Marsha Garces, was born on July 31, 1989.

She is very close to her brothers Zack and Cody and was given the name Zelda after the character from the video game series The Legend of Zelda.

The third and youngest child of Robin Williams, Cody Williams was born on November 25, 1991.

He works as a producer and has produced a number of programs, including The Birds, BS, and the 2020 Roger Rees Awards.

On the day when his father would have turned 68, he got married.

Paloma Tree Fataar, the daughter of Ricky Fataar and Penelope Tree, is Velardi’s stepdaughter from Ricky Fataar’s side.

She is Francesca, Valerie’s second child, and daughter, and she was born on April 4, 1980.

Paloma attended Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, where she majored in Buddhist studies and Tibetan music.

Body Measurement- Height, Weight, Hair Colour

Information about her body measurement is given below

Height (approx.) feet inches: 5’ 5”.
centimeters: 167 cm.
meters: 1.67 m.
Weight (approx.) kilograms: 51 kg.
pounds: 112 lbs.
Hair Color Blonde.
Hair Length  Short.
Eye Color Hazel brown.
Distinctive Features Tall and confident posture.
Tattoos None.

Professional Career

Valerie had high aspirations and expectations when she entered the entertainment business.

When she was 15 years old, the 1966 film Rappaccini gave her her first acting job.

Then, in 1980, she collaborated with Robin Williams on her second and final film, Popeye.

Valerie acknowledged working as a cocktail waitress in the same pub as Robin while pursuing her degree.

Later, she completed her degree and obtained her dancing certification.

Valerie claimed that she was too old when she started for her to continue with her job as a dancer.

Valerie changed directions in her job and began instructing yoga in 1983.

She now teaches yoga in San Francisco, California.

She now leads a professional and serene life and is outspoken about taking care of her health and spirit.

Additionally, Valerie Velardi teaches dance and has amassed a sizable following over time.

Social Media Status

She is not found in social media.

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Quick Facts of Valerie Velardi

  • She is most famous for being the first wife of the late actor Robin Williams with whom she had a divorce in 1988.Bio – Valerie Ann Velardi took her first breath on 21 July 1951, to her father Leonard Velardi, and mother Dee Velardi in Connecticut, USA.
  • After their divorce, Robin Williams married Marsha Garces, who then gave birth to two children, Zelda Williams, and Cody Williams.
  • Marsha and Robin also divorced in 2010 due to incompatibility between the pair.
  • From Ricky Fataar’s side, Valerie Velardi has a stepdaughter, Paloma Tree Fataar daughter of Ricky Fataar and Penelope Tree.
  • She was born on 4 April 1980 and is the closest sibling of Francesca, Valerie’s daughter, and second child.