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Vernon Green II Found Guilty Of Officer Murder

Vernon Green II

The death of Katie Thyne has piqued the interest of many individuals. Thyne was slain in the line of duty while working for the Newport News, Virginia, Police Department.

Katie was the daughter of Tracy (Leclair) (Thyne) Maher

and the late Joseph J. Thyne of Port St. Lucie, Florida.

She was born on June 9, 1995, in Lowell, Massachusetts.

graduated from Alvirne High School in Hudson, New Hampshire, in the class of 2013.

Katie was a talented athlete in the ROTC and played basketball and softball in high school. Keep reading to find out more about Katie Thyne’s death.

Vernon Green II Found Guilty Of Officer Murder In Katie Thyne’s Death

A jury returned a guilty verdict in the case of a man accused of killing Katie Thyne, a Newport News police officer.

The 12 jurors found Vernon Green guilty of second-degree murder in the death of Katie Thyne, a Newport News Police officer.

He was also found guilty of fleeing the scene of an accident.

Green arrived in court unconstrained and dressed professionally on the first day of the trial.

He pleaded not guilty to both allegations.

She was killed after being dragged about a block by Green’s automobile during a traffic check before it slammed into a tree, according to officials.

Vernon Green II
Vernon Green being arrested news source: Youtube

Later, she died in a hospital.

After two hours of deliberation, the jury rendered a guilty verdict.

Green, according to the Commonwealth’s Attorney, had a laser-like focus on

the pistol in the vehicle and purposely put the car in motion while Officer Thyne was in the door.

Green’s counsel argued that while Green meant to flee, he never intended to kill or injure anyone.

According to Officer Thyne’s aunt, the verdict was satisfying. Green is scheduled to be sentenced on February 17.

More Information about Katie Thyne’s Death

Vernon Green II
Vernon’s victim photo source: Youtube

Green testified on Thursday that he had no intention of killing her.

With a prior felony record, he stated he was fleeing because he knew he shouldn’t be carrying a pistol.

Tim Thyne lives in Nashua. He said that even if they couldn’t attend the trial, his immediate family would attend Green’s sentence in February.

He asserted that, while they respect the jury’s decision today, they still do not believe the case is finished.

“We’re hopeful that justice will finally be served by February,

and he’ll receive the maximum punishment,” Tim Thyne said.

Tim recalls his sister as cheerful and maintains that her legacy lives on through her four-year-old kid.

Tim conveyed his family’s appreciation for all of the help they’ve gotten in recent years.

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Katie Thyne’s Private Life

Katie entered the United States Navy after graduating from high school

and served for five years before entering the Navy Reserves in 2018.

She was awarded the Good Conduct Medal, the Service Medal for the Global War on Terrorism, and the National Defense Service Medal.

She met her ex-wife Whitlee while serving in the Navy, and the two had a beautiful daughter called Raegan Grace.

Katie’s ambition has always been to become a police officer.

She realized her dream after being admitted into the Police Academy in January 2019.

She was assigned as a patrol officer at the Newport News, Virginia, Police Department’s South Precinct after graduating in June 2019.

Katie, who fit right in and was extremely proud to be a member of her Police family, was adored and respected by even the most senior officers.