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What Exactly Did Justin Chiasson Do? Stalekracker is charged with DWI

Justin Chiasson

Justin Chiasson, a state policeman, and social media star, has faced legal troubles as a result of a boat accident in July 2022. Stalekracker is Justin Chiasson’s professional name. He is a social media influencer, cookbook author, state trooper, and YouTuber.

Stalekraker became a media celebrity after British chef Gordon Ramsey’s reaction to one of his TikTok videos.

He is also known for his brief and hilarious content, as well as his gourmet dishes.

There has been some speculation that Stalekracker is in legal difficulty. Furthermore, other sources said that Stalekraker had been apprehended.

Was the TikTok celebrity detained? Here’s a breakdown of what Justin Chiasson did.

What Did Stalekracker, Justin Chiasson, Do?

Justin Chiasson is a Louisiana state trooper (a specialist officer that strives to maintain public safety).

In his spare time, he enjoys practicing his cooking skills.

The social media star frequently posts photos or videos of delectable recipes.

The state trooper has traveled around his country and state.

However, it appears that a watercraft accident has landed him in hot water.

The accident occurred in July 2022, according to WBRZ. Chiasson was a passenger on a boat driven by Bryan Nolan.

Bryan fled the scene after their boat collided with a pontoon boat in the open sea.

An off-duty Police officer assisted the passengers on the other boat, but Justin never reported the incident.

Bryan was arrested and charged with DWI and hit-and-run.

He was also charged with careless watercraft operating and inflicting hurt carelessly.

Chiasson didn’t face any consequences until October when news circulated that he was the subject of an internal State Police investigation.

Justin had been placed on leave until the investigation was completed and he was reportedly submitted to a disciplinary panel for assessment.

Stalekracker was arrested for DWI. What happened to him?

Justin Chiasson may face serious consequences, but he has not yet been arrested.

He was a passenger, despite the fact that he did not report the collision and fled the scene.

His punishment will be determined during the disciplinary hearing.

It’s probable he’ll lose his job in the end.

Stalekracker didn’t report the boat accident and fled the scene. (Image Source: Facebook)
Stalekracker didn’t report the boat accident and fled the scene. (Image Source: Facebook)

However, this is merely an assumption. Let’s just watch what happens.

In addition, Justin did not post anything on TikTok for over a week.

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Justin Chiasson Refused A Lie Detector Test

Stalekracer, a TikTok star, reportedly denied taking a lie detector exam, which may have triggered the internal probe.

Amy Chiasson, Justin’s wife, angrily claimed that he did anything illegal because he was a passenger.

Amy also stated that her fiancé refused to take a lie detector exam since he was not going to take down his lieutenant.

Amy also claimed that Justin had broken ribs as a result of the incident and referred to her spouse as the true victim.

Justin Chiasson with his wife, Amy Chiasson. (Image Source: 973 The Dawg)
Justin Chiasson with his wife, Amy Chiasson. (Image Source: 973 The Dawg)

She also claimed that the state trooper was not permitted to tell his side of the incident.

Although many individuals have expressed their dissatisfaction with Stalekracker’s TikTok appearance, it is unknown what Stalekracker’s future holds.

Given how much his audience knows about his own acts and their consequences for others, it’s unclear whether he’ll be able to make a comeback.