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What Happened to Chelsea Russell? What happened to her?

What Happened to Chelsea Russell? What happened to her?

Netizens are interested in Chelsea Russell’s arrest after she successfully fought prosecution for uploading rap lyrics on Instagram. Chelsea made news after she was found guilty of transmitting inappropriate songs to Frankie Murphy on her Instagram account.

The perpetrator is a 19-year-old Liverpool teen called Chelsea Russell,

who dedicated Snap Dogg’s I’m Trippin’ to a friend who died in a car accident.

Merseyside Police were handed an anonymous screenshot of her update,

which was deemed inappropriate by Liverpool Justice Centre, Sefton Magistrates’ Court.

During the hearing, Chelsea claimed that it was not offensive, but she was given a community order,

and her penalty for a hate crime was enhanced from a fine to a community order.

What Happened to Chelsea Russell?

Chelsea was charged with delivering a grossly insulting communication

after uploading rap lyrics on Instagram that included the N-word.

Chelsea’s profile was discovered by the police, who chose to arrest

and charge her for posting the poetic line ‘Kill a snitch ni**a, rob a rich n***a.’

Chelsea Russell shared the lyrics to Snap Dogg’s rap song ‘I’m Trippin.

In court, the perpetrator was judged to be ‘grossly insulting,’ and Chelsea was convicted of a hate crime.

Chelsea Russell, a Liverpool teenager with Asperger’s syndrome,

paid tribute to a 13-year-old classmate who died after being hit by a car on her Instagram account in 2017.

To pay tribute to her friend, Murphy, she uploaded the lyrics to Snap Dogg’s rap song “I’m Trippin,” along with the statement “RIP Frankie Murphy.”

Chelsea Russell
Chelsea arrest news source: TikTok

Chelsea Russell Is Charged With What?

Chelsea was placed on an eight-week curfew from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.,

given an ankle tag, and forced to pay £500 in costs and an £85 victim surcharge, according to sources.

The teen’s defense attorney called the initial verdict ‘ridiculous,’

comparing it to the conduct of a ‘totalitarian regime.’Her conviction, however, was reversed on appeal.

Spike Line claims Chelsea was convicted of blasphemy under the 2003 Communications Act.

The law is currently being used to justify

the arrest of over 3,000 people each year (nine people per day) for publishing ‘grossly insulting’ content on social media.

Chelsea Russell was charged when Merseyside Police supplied a screenshot

of her update, which the Liverpool Justice Centre, Sefton Magistrates’ Court deemed objectionable.

The Crown Prosecution Service’s guidance in her case states that context

should be regarded as a mitigating element in such circumstances, and her context is rarely addressed.

In Chelsea Russell’s case, the prosecution refused to recognize the concept of context at all.

What Has Happened to Chelsea Russell?

Chelsea Russell
Chelsea with her mother source: People

Chelsea has prevailed in court.

After a trial, she was found guilty of delivering a severely insulting message over a public electronic communications network.

Chelsea, the 19-year-old teen, argued in court that the phrases in rap

had “no place in civil society,” but a district judge stated they had “no place in civil society.”

Prosecutor Angela Conlan told the court that the statements were put to her Instagram bio section and subsequently reported to police.

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Court then forwarded the information to Constable Dominique Walker,

who works in the Police hate crime section.

During the investigation, PC Walker told the court that the words

on Russell’s Instagram account were extremely unpleasant to her.

Unhappy netizens, on the other hand, believed the state apparatus could be used against

a teenage girl with Asperger’s syndrome who was in mourning,

all because an Instagram post seen by a handful of people was considered obscene by a Police officer.