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What Happened To Stephanie Davis? Admits That Alcohol Caused Her Suicidal Thoughts

Stephanie Davis

What became of Stephanie Davis? The English actress’s fight with alcohol addiction has been a trendy topic on the Internet since she came up about it. Stephanie Davis, a Merseyside, England-born actress, rose to prominence as Sinead O’Connor in the British serial opera “Hollyoaks.” Davis’ acting career began in 2010 when she joined the cast of “Hollyoaks” at the age of 17.

During her time on the show, her character, Sinead O’Connor, became a prominent player in several stories and garnered a sizable fan base.

Davis played Sinead O’Connor until 2015 until she briefly returned to the role in 2018.

Davis has been open about her challenges throughout her career, including fights with mental health concerns and drugs.

She recently opened up about her alcoholism, which led her down a dark path. Let’s have a look at it.

What Happened to Stephanie Davis?

Stephanie Davis has had nothing happen to her; yet, the English actress has remarked about her life’s former pit dark state. We’ll be there soon.

Despite obstacles, she has remained committed to her acting career and has earned positive feedback from audiences for her talent and performances.

In 2016, she competed on the British television show “Celebrity Big Brother.”

Stephanie Davis
Stephanie Davis showcases her new hairline after revealing she underwent transplant surgery. Source: daily mail

Her involvement in several incidents and her friendship with another competitor, Jeremy McConnell, made her tenure on the show memorable.

Davis even sought treatment for her drinking habits after the end of her relationship with McConnell, with whom she has a son, Caben.

Their tumultuous relationship resulted in public squabbles and domestic violence incidents, which resulted in a three-year restraining order.

Jeremy was charged with domestic violence in August 2017 after being accused of hitting Stephanie after a drug-related quarrel.

He was also sentenced to 20 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months, and ordered to conduct 200 hours of community service.

Stephanie has spoken publicly about her difficulties with mental health issues, in addition to her battle with alcohol addiction.

Her openness to discuss these issues with the public has earned her followers and others in the entertainment industry support and admiration.

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Suicide Thoughts in Stephanie Davis Due To Alcohol Addiction

Stephanie Davis has been frank and honest about her difficulties as an actress.

Davis recently told her story, openly admitting that she felt suicidal at the height of her alcohol addiction and mental health problems.

She told the Mirror that she was going through a rough patch and was drinking three bottles of wine every morning, feeling hopeless and unable to continue living.

The former Coronation Street actress and Celebrity Big Brother contestant blamed her addiction on her early celebrity.

As a result, she was fired from Hollyoaks in July 2015 for arriving on set unfit for work.

Stephanie Davis
Hollyoaks star Stephanie Davis to join Coronation Street in shock new storyline. Source: Heart

The actress has been open about her struggles with addiction and mental illness, highlighting the need of receiving assistance and support through difficult times.

Davis has also utilized her position to promote charities and organizations that provide assistance and resources to people going through similar difficulties.

Her candor and activism have made her a role model for many, inspiring others to be open about their own struggles with mental illness and addiction.

She aims to eradicate the stigma surrounding her issues by being upfront about them and pushing others to seek help without feeling humiliated.