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What Is Jordan Neely’s Ethnicity? Investigate the Origins and Religion

Jordan Neely

Jordan Neely Religion: Even after his death, netizens continue to be intrigued by Neely’s ideas. Here’s everything we know about him. Jordan Neely, 30, was a 30-year-old man from the United States of America. He was a Michael Jackson impersonator who used to perform on the streets and made headlines for a number of reasons.

Meanwhile, Neely’s identity became well-known following his death on May 1, 2023, at the hands of a man claiming to be a US Marine veteran named Daniel Penny.

Daniel choked Neely when they were riding the F train on Manhattan’s New York City Subway.

Jordan Neely’s Ethnicity and Place of Origin

Jordan Neely was of African-American ancestry.

According to an internet site, Neely was raised in Bayonne, New Jersey, by his parents, Andre and Christie.

His ancestors are said to have originated in Africa.

Jordan’s parents split when Andre was gone, according to several reports.

Furthermore, Neely’s mother, Christie, was 36 years old at the time of her death and worked in telemarketing.

Jordan Neely
Jordan Neely impersonating as Michael Jackson. Source: Youtube

Christie was murdered by her own lover, Shawn Southerland, in 2007.

Jordan was not the same after his mother died, and it is believed that he suffered from mental illness.

Jordan’s father, on the other hand, has spoken out about his son in an interview.

Andre stated that his son was a great child with no malicious intent.

He simply required support.

Furthermore, Jordan continues to receive condolences and sorrow messages on social media in the aftermath of his tragic death at the age of 30.

Jordan Neely Religious Beliefs: Was He Jewish or Christian?

After Jordan Neely’s death, many are hunting for his faith.

Many speculations regarding Neely’s beliefs have spread on social media, but whether he was Christian or Jewish cannot be proved.

Some on social media speculated that Jordan practiced Christianity, while others speculated that he practiced Judaism.

Jordan Neely
Crime Scene Featuring Jordan Neely. Source: T13

As of this writing, no news outlets had reported on Neely’s personal life or faith.

However, if we receive additional information, we will certainly keep you updated.

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Daniel Penny, the assassin of Jordan Neely, where are you now?

Daniel Penny strangled Jordan Neely to death and is currently under criminal investigation.

He is being investigated in relation to Jordan’s death.

As a result, a fundraising campaign has begun, and many people have already donated to Daniel’s cause.

Jordan Neely
Jordan Neely posing for a photo. Source: Twitter

GiveSendGo was used to initiate the fundraising campaign.

According to the person who began the campaign, it was designed to assist Daniel in paying his legal fees.

As a result, many people condemn him, while many others support him.

On the other hand, Jordan’s family has made a statement suggesting that Daniel should be imprisoned for his heinous deeds.