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What Is Josh Culibao’s Ethnicity in Wrestling MMA?

Josh Culibao

Josh Culibao, also known as Josh Culibao, is a professional MMA fighter. Fans are concerned about Josh Culibao’s ethnic background. So, we’ll go over his nationality and parents’ information below.

Josh Culibao is an MMA fighter who currently

competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Featherweight division.

The wrestler began his professional career in 2016 and went 8-0 on the regional Australian circuit, capturing three titles.

Culibao signed with the UFC in February 2020 to replace Jamie Mullarkey.

The wrestler made his sophomore appearance at UFC in October of the same year, fighting Canadian mixed martial artist Charles Jourdain.

Josh defeated Melsik Baghdasaryan in the second round of yesterday’s

UFC 284 battle with a rear-naked choke submission.

The fighter made more history by capturing the title, and his 2023 debut was quite amazing.

According to his playing record, the wrestler has 11 Pro MMA wins, one loss, and one draw.

What Ethnicity Is Josh Culibao?

Josh Culibao
Josh in interview source: Youtube

Fans are frequently enthralled by Josh Culibao’s personal characteristics, particularly his race.

Josh, like the other combatants, rarely discusses his personal life in public.

However, according to our careful assessment of his bio, he is of Filipino ethnicity.

He grew up in a Filipino family with his siblings.

According to accounts, Josh is an Australian citizen, but he intends to assist boost the Philippines’ sports profile.

In Perth, Western Australia, Joshua Culibao holds the Australian flag.

Aside from that, Josh has never generally exposed his personal details on web sources, making it difficult to investigate his bio in depth.

Furthermore, he is a career-oriented individual who has shared

much of his professional life with his fans and media outlets.

Still, when it comes to his family and personal matters, Josh prefers to keep his mouth shut.

Information About Josh Culibao’s Nationality

Josh, a martial artist, was born on May 24, 1994.

He spent his entire life and began his career in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, where he was born.

Similarly, he is an Australian citizen; however, Culibao’s parents

are from two separate nations, as his father is from Pampanga and his mother is from Boracay.

Culibao has a large fan base in both the Philippines and Australia.

Josh has thousands of followers on Instagram, where he shares his fight updates with his supporters.

Josh Culibao
Josh winning award source: People

Nationality of Josh Culibao Parents and relatives

Joshua Culibao, 29 years old, was born Joshua Alvin Culibao.

His parents’ names and other information remain unknown.

Josh is the youngest of three brothers and sisters.

Josh was raised by his single mother after his father died when he was seven years old.

Culibao is a sensitive individual. He revealed that his father was his biggest

admirer and had always wished for him to pursue his MMA passion.

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Culibao did not have a happy childhood,

but his mother provided him with the best education possible. In his childhood, he practiced taekwondo.

And because Josh had been active at a young age, he began training in mixed martial arts to shed weight. Culibao has always been a competitive person.

He was a full-time electrician with 40-plus-hour workweeks and training on top before beginning his fighting career.

Fans remember him as a strong boxer, but he is also a family man who leaves behind a family.

Similarly, he was given the nickname “Kuya” by a colleague at Sydney-based Igor MMA.

Kuya is a courteous phrase used to refer to an older male relative, sibling, or acquaintance.