Net Worth and Salary

Net Worth and Salary

Activist DJ producer

What Is the Identity of LP Giobbi? What is the producer’s age? Wikimedia Commons and Family

LP Giobbi’s net worth is unavailable.

What Is the Identity of LP Giobbi? What is the producer’s age? Wikimedia Commons and Family

Since her first album, Light Places, was released earlier this year, the Wikipedia entry for LP Giobbi has been modified. LP Giobbi is a multi-talented DJ, pianist, producer, and activist who is rapidly gaining recognition and popularity.

She made her debut in the dance music industry in 2018, and she has since performed at several major festivals such as Lollapalooza, Coachella, Bonnaroo, Electric Forest, Tomorrowland, and Creamfields.

LP To date, Giobbi’s music has received over 102 million plays across all platforms, making her a strong contender for TIDAL’s Artist to Watch (2023), Amazon’s Artists to Watch (2021), Spotify’s EQUAL Ambassador (2022), and RADAR Spotify’s Artist to Watch (2022).

She was also chosen by DJ Mag for the Best of North America Awards’ Breakthrough Producer category, and she will appear in Spotify’s Best of Electronic Music 2022 edition.

As her reputation grows, Giobbi evolves and explores, improvising her way to her own musical ideal.

Age of LP Giobbi: How Old Is The Singer?

Along with her Wikipedia location, fans want to know LP Giobbi’s age.

Due to a lack of information about her birth date and year, the musician’s exact age is unknown.

LP  was born Leah Chisholm in Portland, Oregon, to a loving family.

Furthermore, she celebrates her birthday every year on August 20th.

Her father worked for NBC station KMTR in Eugene, and her mother for NPR affiliate KLCC.

Furthermore, Giobbi’s parents are great music fans and champions who have supported her musical interests since she requested piano lessons in second grade.

LP Giobbi is a multi-talented DJ, pianist, producer, and activist. Source: DJ Times

Giobbi’s Early Years LP Carolyn Horn, Giobbi’s longstanding instructor, and mentor, supplied her with a formal education while cultivating Giobbi’s fun sense of creativity, which eventually formed an important element of her musical identity.

The pianist was performing solo jazz at a bar after graduating from UC Berkeley with a jazz piano playing degree when she was persuaded to join an all-girl electronic band.

LP emerged as a producer on the dance audio scene in 2018 with a series of tracks that fused sonic exploration with the groovy flavor of conventional house music.

She has since acquired a reputation as one of the most natural performers in electronic music.

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LP Giobbi’s Wikimedia Commons

Fans of Dead House’s LP Giobbi are hunting for her Wikipedia location because they want to learn more about it.

However, the information on the musical artist and DJ has yet to be published on the official Wikipedia page, where her devoted admirers and viewers will be able to learn about her professional and personal life experiences.

Nonetheless, Giobbi’s content has been reported on by a number of other websites.

As a musician, she has also backed a number of well-known artists, like Pete Tong, Diplo, Fatboy Slim, DJ Tennis, Mochakk, John Summitt, Dead & Co, and Sofi Tukker, since she believes that one may truly grow by elevating others.

LP Giobbi is during clicking the photo. Source: EDM Identity

Furthermore, as a radio DJ, Giobbi uses her improv skills from her jazz background to bring authentic piano and flexible electronics to her concerts in an attempt to become “a one-woman jam band.”

When she works as a producer, she combines her keen sense of melody and orchestration, as well as her well-honed performing abilities from classical and jazz backgrounds, with her innate intuition for what motivates a group of people.

Furthermore, LP Giobbi’s debut album, Light Places, will be released on May 12, 2023, via Ninja Tune’s subsidiary Counter Records.

Giobbi is a feminist and advocate for gender equality, in addition to being a renowned musician.

She founded the FEMME HOUSE educational platform, which strives to address the lack of equality and representation of women and non-binary people in technical areas of music in electronic music.