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Where Are Rebecca Chepchumba’s Parents From?

Rebecca Chepchumba

Netizens are wondering about Rebecca Chepchumba’s parents in order to learn more about the son of former Kenyan Senate member Kigen Moi. Rebecca Chepchumba is a well-known Kenyan long-distance runner who was born in Kabiemit on January 17, 1973.

She was reared in a household of successful athletes and developed a liking for running from a young age.

Chepchumba went to Kapsabet Girls’ High School, where she polished her abilities and began competing in local events in the early 1990s.

She just married Kigen Moi, the son of former Kenyan State member Gideon Moi. Continue reading to find out more about Rebecca and Kigen’s family.

Where Are Rebecca Chepchumba’s Parents From?

Rebecca Chepchumba was born in Kenya to parents from Kabiemit.

She has always spoken highly of her parents’ love and support.

While the athlete has not revealed their name, Rebecca hails from a well-known family that has had a long-standing friendship with the Moi family.

Among her most famous accomplishments are:

In 1998, he won the Boston Marathon.

Making a new course record.

In 2002, he won the Chicago Marathon.

Chepchumba also finished second in the London Marathon in 2001 and 2003.

Rebecca stopped competitive running in 2004 to focus on her family and business activities, despite her achievements.

Rebecca Chepchuma married Kigen Moi in a private ceremony in Kericho County on May 6, 2023 (Source: Udaku News Kenya)
Rebecca Chepchuma married Kigen Moi in a private ceremony in Kericho County on May 6, 2023 (Source: Udaku News Kenya)

She has a profitable business in Kenya that sells and distributes sporting apparel and equipment after retiring.

She also actively participates in community development programs in Kabiemit, her hometown.

Rebecca Chepchumba’s commitment, hard work, and perseverance have earned her a place in athletics history.

Her inspirational career inspires young athletes in Kenya and around the world.

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Gideon Moi’s wife and Kigen Moi’s mother: Zahra Moi is a model

Zahra Moi is the wife of Gideon Moi, Kigen Moi’s father.

Aside from Kigen, Gideon and Zahra Moi have two additional children, Kimoi and Lulu.

Gideon has always shown his love and admiration for his loving wife, recognizing her as the solid cornerstone of their family.

Gideon noted at the wedding of their son, Kigen, that Zahra exhibits extraordinary beauty, sensitivity, commitment, and kindness in all aspects of her life.

Gideon, Kenya’s second president Daniel Moi’s last-born son, expressed his joy at his son’s marriage and congratulated the newlyweds.

He hailed marriage as a lovely God-ordained journey that provides continuity and companionship.

He extended the couple God’s blessing and hoped that His grace would be with them as they formalized their marriage.

Rebecca’s husband, Kigen Moi, a University of Bristol graduate, is the director of Sosian Energy Power Limited and is interested in community service.

He has given motorcycles to boda boda clubs in several regions of Baringo County in order to provide work opportunities.

On May 6, 2023, he married his fiance Rebecca Chepchuma in a private ceremony in Kericho County. For the festive event, guests dressed in traditional garb.

The ceremony adhered to the Kalenjin tradition of koito, which entails dowry negotiations and the blessing of the union by the bride and groom’s families.

Former Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter and former Nairobi Metropolitan Services Director Lieutenant General Mohamed Badi were among those in attendance.