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Where Have Alex Kwong’s Parents Gone?

Alex Kwong

Alex Kwong’s parents have been a hot topic since it was revealed that Kwong’s father was implicated in the murder of Kwong’s ex-wife, Abby Choi. Choi rose to prominence as a model and was featured on the cover of Vogue magazine.

She was famous for her fashion and flair and traveled to several nations to model.

Following that, once it was determined that she was murdered and her legs were recovered in the refrigerator of a

House in the Lung Mei suburbs, people grew curious to learn more about the people involved in the case.

Kwong rose to prominence after marrying the model.

Continue reading to find out about Abby’s ex-husband and in-laws.

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Where Have Alex Kwong’s Parents Gone?

Alex Kwong and his parents are being held in custody as the primary suspects in the case of Kwong’s ex-wife.

According to a recent update, Kwong’s father, a former police officer,

painstakingly plotted Abby Choi’s murder and dismemberment.

At Kwong’s parents’ home, police uncovered a murder kit, including an electric saw and a meat cutter, as well as pots of soup containing human tissue.

During the investigation, it was learned that her previous father-in-law

Alex Kwong
Kwong with her mom source: Youtube

had rented the House just weeks before her body was discovered.

Despite being estranged from Alex, Choi assisted him in paying the rent for his parents’ apartment.

According to the source, the model made a lot of money through her business and singing careers.

She had a strong bond with her husband and his family,

but a property dispute produced a schism in their relationship.

Police suspect Alex’s family murdered the model for money and had her house in his father-in-law’s name before murdering her.

More information is pending, however, Alex’s family has been detained since the model’s death was discovered.

Alex Kwong
Kwong in red carpet source: Youtube

Get to know Alex Kwong. Anthony Kwong, brother

Alex Kwong’s brother Anthony Kwong, 31, was Alex’s ex-wife Abby Choi’s personal driver and business partner.

Despite being separated from his brother Alex, she had a strong kinship with her brother-in-law.

Abby was shown to have helped her brother-in-law, Anthony, purchase his property and given him with substantial financial support.

Abby later listed Anthony’s apartment for sale, and she discussed the arrangement with her lawyer.

As a result, police believe Alex’s family was engaged in the murder due to a financial disagreement.

The alleged killings of Abby Choi, as well as her ex-husband and in-laws

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Abby Choi’s alleged murders, ex-husband, and in-laws.

Alex Kwong
Alex with her husband source: People

Anthony, along with his brother and parents, is being held in detention.

His mother’s information has not been made public,

which could imply that she was not implicated or was charged in the crime.

The audience has been following the news since the model’s legs were discovered,

and they are eager to understand the main reason for the murder.

The children of Abby and Alex have not been made public;

nonetheless, sources have stated that they have been living with Abby’s parents.