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Where Will Lowell Melser Go After He Leaves WBAL?

Lowell Melser

Where is Lowell Melser heading now that he has left WBAL after 25 years? People are wondering why he is leaving the show. Lowell Melser is a meteorologist who began his career with WBAL-TV 11 News in February 2004. Melser joined the team as a general assignment reporter and was recently promoted to anchor.

After working for WBAL for almost three years,

he earned a degree in Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State University.

Prior to joining WBAL, he worked as an associate producer for the Washington Redskins’ radio broadcasts.

As a result, when he announced his intention to leave WBAL, many people were intrigued.

Where Will Lowell Melser Go After He Leaves WBAL?

Melser announced his departure from WBAL on his Facebook account on January 15,

and he stated that he will be reporting to WBAL.

It’s been 20 years, and he remarked that it’s difficult for him to keep doing this for so long;

working in the same sector for so long may be mentally draining.

Lowell Melser announced his departure on Facebook.

Melser indicated that he was going to take a break from reporting and that he might just travel somewhere for reporting soon.

Lowell Melser
Lowell in news source:WBALTV

He is leaving his position as an anchor,

but he will be working on a new project. In his message, he mentioned that he had taken a new position in the Greater Baltimore Area.

Melser has taken a new job and a new career as the chief public information

officer for the Baltimore County Department of Public Works; he also claimed that this work will allow him to use his meteorology skills.

Melser returned to WBAL-TV on January 15th with his family and coworkers to deliver his final weathercast.

He will not appear on television as an anchor or report;

instead, he will communicate with the public through his social media account.

Many members of the audience have accepted that he will be starting a new job, but many still want to see him on WBAL.

Many people are saddened by his departure from WBAL since they have enjoyed his narrative style and his vigor at work.

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Is WBAL’s Lowell Melser fired?

Lowell Melser
Lowell with his wife source: People

No, he did not get fired. Melser chose to abandon his job as a reporter and pursue a new career.

Melser opted to leave the show after accepting new work offers.

He remarked that General Assignment is a difficult job to hold for 25 years.

After more than 25 years, Lowell Melser bids farewell.

Melser expressed gratitude for his time on the show and the possibilities he received from WBAL.

In addition, he is prepared to accept the obstacles he will face

as chief public information officer, not just general duties; every job is difficult at some point.

But he is pleased with the decision he has taken for himself, and he appreciates everyone on the WBAL team for being important to him.

He also celebrated his final day on WBAL with his family and friends, and the show ended on January 15, 2023.

And, while the WBAL community has not revealed who will take Lowell’s place, we may see it on the next episode shortly.