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Who Are Aaliyah Kikumoto’s Parents, Charles and A.J?

Aaliyah Kikumoto

Charles and Aaliyah Kikumoto, Aaliyah’s parents, are also enjoying their daughter’s viral fame. Everything you need to know is right here. Aaliyah Kikumoto is a Texas cheerleader with a sizable following base on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

She started using Instagram since 2019,

Her first post was on June 28, 2019.

She has come a long way and now has over 15k followers on Instagram.

Aliyah emerged on television screens as cameras concentrated on Spaniard Jon Rahm and American Brooks Koepka on the 16th tee.

Many people have been drawn to the 15-second short video provided by a TikTok user, and they want to know more about Aaliyah.

Who Are Aaliyah Kikumoto’s Parents, Charles and A.J.?

Aaliyah Kikumoto was born in the United States of America to Charles Kikumoto (Father) and A.J. (Mother).

Aaliyah’s parents are also in the spotlight following the recent golf event.

We are unable to provide additional information about them, but Charles can be found on Twitter @CharlesKikumoto.

He’s been on Twitter since May of this year.

Charles got notoriety while wearing a Texas Tech cap, as he was mentioned in multiple social media posts.

Charles responded on Twitter, stating,

Aaliyah Kikumoto
Aaliyah trending beauty source: Youtube

Parents of Aaliyah Kikumoto

Aaliyah Kikumoto accompanied her father, Charles Kikumoto, to the Augusta National golf tournament.

“Yes, I’m spending Easter at the Masters wearing my TTU pom squad hat.”

Aaliyah, our daughter, wears the green master’s hat and attends Tech. “Wreck them!”

Aaliyah’s mother, A.J., on the other hand, has a Twitter account that she has used since 2014.

Her bio states that she is the CEO of Queen Publishing Agency.

A.J. also remarked on her daughter’s recent revelation, which has been making the rounds online.

Aaliyah Kikumoto
Aaliyah with her parents source: Twitter

Aaliyah Kikumoto on Wikipedia

Aaliyah Kikumoto is a Colorado native who is a part of her high school’s pom team.

Aaliyah graduated from Rock Canyon High School in the outskirts of Denver.

Similarly, Kikumoto is named as a Pom squad member for Texas Tech in 2022-23.

The Texas college student and her father, Charles, recently attended the tournament in Augusta.

Aaliyah Kikumoto
Aaliyah cheerleading source: Twitter

Before visiting the Masters, Augusta National 2023, Aaliyah Kikumoto released a snapshot on her Instagram page.

Kikumoto seemed to be enjoying her new title of ‘Masters Girl.’

She also shared some photos on her Instagram account, which can be found at @aaliyahkikumoto.

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Age: Information About Her Siblings and Family Life

Aaliyah Kikumoto was born to Japanese parents in the United States of America.

As a result, she is an American citizen. She will be 20 years old in 2023.

There are few specifics regarding her early life because the cheerleader has kept her life out of the media because she values her privacy.

Aaliyah Kikumoto’s mother, Aaliyah Kikumoto’s mother, is a mother of six children.

Meanwhile, Kikumoto is not only her parent’s child, but she was raised with her five siblings.

According to her mother’s Twitter bio, A.J. is the mother of six children.

Kikumoto has a close relationship with her siblings, as evidenced by the photos on her Instagram profile.