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Who Are Miguel and Alejandro in Love Never Dies?


Miguel and Alejandro’s Love Never Dies: Destination Sardinia is a Netflix Spanish reality show. Similarly, Miguel and Alejandro are known in Spanish as Amor with Fianza: Destino Cerdena. Furthermore, the dating program has many couples participating in tasks that require trust and loyalty for their relationship.

Miguel and Alejandro were one such couple who underwent a number of trials during their time on the show. Are they a couple? Continue reading to learn more.

What are Miguel and Alejandro’s names? Is the couple married?

Miguel and Alejandro are participants on the Netflix reality show Love Never Dies who joined the show to explore the boundaries of their relationship.

Miguel and Alejandro appear to have split up for the time being.

The once-coupled couple is no longer dating.

Furthermore, as of this writing, the former couple is still following each other on social media.

Contestants Miguel and Alejandro in the Netflix reality show, Love Never Dies. (Source: CNN 59)

A few incidents on the show provide a glimmer of optimism that they might be able to put their differences aside and pursue a happy future.

Neither of them regretted their participation in the show’s experiment.

Similarly, Miguel and Alejandro became close to their coworkers.

The show’s other contestants heaped praise on the duo.

Furthermore, fans urge the two lovebirds to reconcile and rekindle their romance.

We, too, hope that their romantic difficulties will soon be over.

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Timeline of Miguel and Alejandro’s Relationship

When it comes to Miguel and Alejandro’s relationship, the couple has a difficult history.

Leaving their turbulent past behind, the two moved to Love Never Dies in search of a happy future.

Alejandro had previously cheated on Miguel when visiting his homeland.

Although Miguel wasn’t heading to his hometown, the decision perplexed the other guy.

As a result, Alejandro spread out, kissing a guy, which he later admitted was wrong.

He expressed guilt for his acts and stated that Miguel did not deserve to be tricked.


Furthermore, the couple was put to the test by separating them into separate villas and introducing them to new individuals.

While one is preparing to observe the other’s activities, Miguel is taken aback by some of his love’s acts.

Alejandro, who was already feeling awful about his adultery, didn’t seem interested in seeing other males at first.

Instead, he became interested in a variety of activities.

Later in the program, Alejandro met Ngel, and their friendship got stronger.

Miguel’s heart was broken, and he believed that his connection with Alejandro was irreparable.

Fortunately, Miguel eventually met Ral in later episodes of the show.

Raal soothed Miguel’s hurt sentiments and showed him how to enjoy life once more.

Furthermore, the two shared a bed and dreamed about having an intimate connection in their heads, as shown during their eye detection’ test.