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Who Are the Parents of Eliane and Philippe Paire, Benoit Paire?


Benoit Paire is a French professional tennis player known for his powerful groundstrokes and unusual style of play. Benoit Paire began playing tennis at a young age and quickly demonstrated his talent and love for the game. The professional player won three singles championships in 2015, the 2019 Marrakesh Open, and the 2019 Lyon Open.

Benoit’s highest singles rating is World No. 18, which he achieved in January 2016.

On November 15, 2021, he received a career-high doubles rating, placing No. 65 internationally.

During his career, the athlete has had a lot of ATP Tour success.

He plays with power and ferocity, regularly releasing hard forehand and backhand strokes.

His ingenuity on the court, as well as his ability to win from seemingly impossible angles, define his style of play.

Eliane and Philippe Paire are Benoit Paire’s parents

On May 8, 1989, Benoit Paire’s parents gave birth to their son in Avignon, France, who went on to become a superb tennis player.

Although nothing is known about Benoit Paire’s parents, it is known that his mother is Laurence Paire and his father is Philippe Paire.

According to Tennis Majors, Philippe works for the French train company SNCF, and the athlete’s mother, Eliane, works in the local administration of the Vaucluse region.

Benoit Paire parents were photographed watching their son’s match. (Source: PurePeople)

Paire has a strong enthusiasm for sports since he was a child and aspired to be a tennis pro.

The athlete’s father took him to a small tennis club near their home when he was six years old.

Paire has been chasing his ambition since the age of six.

Benoit Paire’s parents have had a significant impact on his life and tennis career.

They have helped him develop as a player and have been encouraging to him.

Benoit Paire is a well-known professional tennis player who reached a career-high singles ranking of No. 18 in January 2016.

He has competed in various prestigious contests, including Grand Slam events, and has defeated top-ranked opponents.

Their influence and mentoring certainly influenced his development as an athlete.

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Family Tree of Benoit Paire

In the media, Benoit Paire hasn’t revealed much about his family tree or siblings.

As a result, little information about his siblings and family members is available.

The tennis player has led a discreet life, keeping his private and personal lives apart.

Many elite athletes hide their personal lives to focus on their work and accomplishments.

According to a source, Benoit’s elder brother, Thomas Paire, was born in 1985, also played tennis, and presently works for the French Tennis Federation.

Benoit Paire’s expression was captured during a tennis match. (Source: TennisMajors)

They came together to compete in the 2017 Lyon Open.

On the professional circuit, Paire won his first ATP Tour singles title at the Swedish Open in July 2015.

Paire advanced to the fourth round of the US Open, a Grand Slam, in 2015.

In January 2016, the athlete set a career-high of No. 18 in the world in singles.

Paire, who is undeniably brilliant on the court, has also gained attention for his loud and frequently combative behavior.

Paire was fined $16,500 during the 2018 Washington Open after smashing his tennis rackets on the ground seven times.

Despite this, Benoit remains a formidable opponent on the circuit due to his talent and unusual playing style.