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Who Is Atsushi Tamura’s Wife, Kana Nishimura?

Atsushi Tamura

Atsushi Tamura is a well-known Japanese comedian and television host. In the new Japanese dating reality series, which will launch on Netflix, Atsushi Tamura will co-host alongside Becky Tamura. The reality television series will feature sixteen participants from various cities in Japan. The contestants will be placed in a remote fairway location away from the city lights.

They will have to coexist for the foreseeable future.

Becky and Atsushi Tamura, on the other hand, will be observing them from the studio.

As a result, reality show fans are anxious to discover more about Tamura’s personal life.

Who Is Atsushi Tamura’s Wife, Kana Nishimura? Marriage and Children

Atsushi Tamura is a happily married man who lives with his wife, Kana Nishimura.

Atsushi and Kana had been together for a long time.

The name of the Love Village host’s wife has sparked some debate.

While IMDb states that Atsushi Tamura’s wife’s name is Kana Nishimura, other websites state Kaya Nishimura.

On September 17, 2013, Atsushi and his wife, Kana Nishimura, exchanged marital vows, according to his IMDb biography.

Since then, the pair have been living happily ever after.

Atsushi Tamura is married to his lady love, kana Nishimura. (Image Source: Reality Titbit)

Kana Nishimura also gets one credit for her appearance in the 2013 television series London Hearts.

It appears that the Japanese comedian’s better half is also in the entertainment sector.

Furthermore, the Atsushi-Kana couple may have crossed paths through their work group.

In public, the Love Village host appears to avoid discussing his wife, children, and family.

There is very little information available regarding his personal life.

It is also unknown whether the 49-year-old television star has any children with his wife.

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Atsushi Tamura’s Origins and Family History

Atsushi Tamura was born on December 4, 1973, in Hikoshima, Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi, Japan.

He and his friend Ryo Tamura form a humorous duet.

The name of the comedic pair is “London Boots Ichi-go Ni-go.”

Despite having the same name (but not surname), Ryo Tamura and Atsushi Tamura are not related by blood.

Netflix’s dating series In his hometown, Raa(L)ove co-host attended an Industrial high school.

Atsushi Tamura was born in Hikoshima, Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi. (Image Source: Leisure Byte)

He was suspended twice in school, once for smoking and once for cheating on an exam.

Before entering the world of comedy, Atsushi was a member of a band. For his first comedy performance, he worked with a fellow student from his school.

They were known as “Umaseki Fugutar and Fugunosuke,” after Shimonoseki and the local delicacy fugu, or pufferfish.

Tamura ultimately met Ryo Tamura after moving to Tokyo. They chose the name “London Boots” since it was the name of a made-up comedy duo.

Although the name “London Boots” has no specific meaning in English, it is used to describe the knee-high platform shoes that some Japanese girls adore.