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Who Is Patrice Bergeron’s Brother Guillaume Bergeron? Ethnicity and Wealth

Patrice Bergeron’s net worth is unavailable.

Who Is Patrice Bergeron’s Brother Guillaume Bergeron? Ethnicity and Wealth

Guillaume Bergeron is Patrice Bergeron’s brother. The captain of the Boston Bruins desired to be like his older brother, who was also active in sports. You’ve probably heard of Patrice Bergeron if you appreciate ice hockey. Bergeron, the Boston Bruins’ captain, is the NHL’s (National Hockey League) best center.

The 37-year-old center for the Bruins has been a model of consistency.

He’s accomplished a lot this season, and the captain did it again on Saturday.

The Bruins’ center is unstoppable, so rumors about his possible retirement will have to wait for another season.

Nothing can stop him, not even a puck to the face. In terms of his personal life, the athlete is a family man.

He has loving parents, siblings, and a supportive spouse.

Who Is Patrice Bergeron? Guillaume Bergeron, are you my brother? Family and Ethnicity

Guillaume Bergeron is Patrice Bergeron’s older brother.

The brothers Bergeron are two years apart in age.

His father, Gerald, is of French-Canadian and Irish origin.

In addition, Patrice’s formal surname is Bergeron-Cleary.

The ice-hockey center stated in an NHL interview that he was only five years old when his older brother began to enhance his on-ice abilities.

Patrice and Guillaume are the children of Gerald Clearly and Sylvie Bergeron.

They were born in the town of L’Ancienne-Lorette in Canada.

In addition, the NHL official’s brother played for top teams.

It’s unclear whether the older Bergeron is still active in sports.

Patrice claims that his brother was always eager to work on projects with him.

Patrice Bergeron is during the match. Source: Boston Hockey Now

Guillaume was an excellent big brother and best friend, frequently attending his sports and practices.

Furthermore, the older Bergeron’s career and behavior influenced his younger brother in this way throughout his childhood and even after he moved to Boston and met another of my major inspirations.

Patrice stated as a child that he aspired to be like his brother, Guillaume.

He wanted to emulate his father, so he began playing street hockey.

The legendary hockey player commented that running around without skates seemed quite natural.

Patrice quickly adjusted to the ice.

When Patrice got home, his parents would counsel him to stop participating in sports if he didn’t enjoy them. “No way. I was having a great time. Even if it didn’t appear that way,” Boston Bruins captain said.

Patrice Bergeron’s Earnings And Net Worth

Patrice has been a professional volleyball player since 2003.

He has earned an enormous reputation and wealth over the course of his long and brilliant career.

On August 8, 2022, Patrice Bergeron signed a one-year contract with the Boston Bruins.

He receives $2.5 million per year, plus bonuses and incentives based on his performance.

The Canadian center has an NHL net worth of $97,509,415 according to Hockey Zone Plus.

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Patrice Bergeron, Stephanie Bertrand, and their children are introduced.

Patrice Bergeron is married to Stephanie Bertrand, a beautiful woman.

They began dating in 2006 and married in 2013.

Patrice’s wife, Stephanie Bergeron, holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Laval University in Quebec City.

Patrice Bergeron is with his wife. Source: Sportslumo

She graduated from the university in 2011. The couple’s three children are Zach, Victoria, and Noah.

The Bergeron-Bertrand couple wishes to keep their children’s details private.

As a result, we know very little about the ice hockey player’s children.

Regardless, the Bergeron siblings must be enjoying their time away from the public eye.