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Who Is Real Caca Girl? On Viral Video and Boyfriend

Real Caca Girl

Who exactly is Real Caca Girl?

Melanie Caca, also known as Real Caca Girl, is a TikTok social media star who is 15 years old and has 1.1 million followers and 52 million likes. She makes films about her life, relationships, and culture, but she has closed the comments section due to negative responses.

Caca and her partner, Julian, are a problematic couple on the site because of their edgy and apathetic attitude, as well as their open relationship. They are typically scolded for being untrustworthy or cringeworthy.

Leaked Video of the Real Caca Girl

A hacker who gained access to Julian’s email and iCloud account broadcast a video of the couple on the internet in December 2022.

Caca was confronted with rage and body shaming, causing her to create a

response video on January 8, 2023, in which she addressed the issue.

Many TikTok users have shown their support for her while criticizing the viewers for bullying her.

The film’s publication has raised the question of whether the couple intentionally disclosed the tape for the sake of fame or if they were hacked.

Caca’s partner, Julian, stated in a video that the couple was happy and having the time of their lives

and that they would continue to make videos on relationships, makeup, clothes, and cosmetics.

Real Caca Girl
Real caca with her boyfriend source: News Unzip

Caca Deleted the Remaining Videos

Caca may have deleted the rest of her tapes in the aftermath of the video leak issue.

However, on January 8, 2023, she posted a response video in which she was seen

lip-syncing the song “Down Bad” by Erin Kaith in the background of what appears to be an empty auditorium.

Real Caca Girl
Real in her tiktok video source: Youtube

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Body shaming

On the video, she said, “When girls make fun of my leaked vid..

not even funny bfffr stay safe tho” Tiktok has received 1.5 million views thus far.

Many Tiktokers support her and denounce the viewers for body shaming and insulting her.