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Why Did Demond Fernandez Leave WFAA 8 Dallas for a New Job?

Why Did Demond Fernandez Leave WFAA 8 Dallas for a New Job?

Demond Fernandez left WFAA 8 Dallas for what reason? Fans have been curious about what WFAA reporters do once they leave the station. So far, here’s what we know. Demond Fernandez is an American journalist who most recently worked as a Senior Reporter/Fill-In Anchor at WFAA.

He started at the station in June 2014.

He has covered a wide range of stories since then, and his work has gained great appreciation.

In May 2011, Fernandez served as a reporter for KTRK before joining the Dallas ABC station.

He has also gained board experience by working at many stations.

Not to mention his past experience as a reporter and anchor at WOAI, San Antonio’s NBC affiliate.

Fernandez has garnered numerous distinctions and has been nominated for an Emmy for his work.

Announcement of Demond Fernandez’s New Job

Demond Fernandez has already resigned from WFAA, and his new job is in Detroit, Michigan.

Fernandez, on the other hand, has made no mention of his new post.

When fans and followers ask about it, Fernandez may share updates in the future.

We can keep up with Demond’s upcoming plans by following him on Twitter and Facebook.

Demond Fernandez
Demond Fernandez posing for a photo. Source: Demondfernandez

Fernandez also announced his resignation from WFAA on June 17, 2023.

He has covered Southern Dallas for the previous nine years, and fans were unhappy when his departure from the station was revealed.

Everyone wished him well in the future, with one person writing, “May the Lord bless and keep you always, Demond.” Thank you so much for what you’ve done for the WFAA community.”

Salary and earnings of Demond Fernandez

Demond Fernandez earns a solid living as a journalist, although his exact earnings are undisclosed.

Fernandez has previously held various positions and responsibilities.

As a result, Demond has saved a significant amount of money.

Not to mention that the average annual salary for a reporter in the United States of America is $47735.

Demond Fernandez
Demond Fernandez singing in a program. Source: Youtube

Since Fernandez has been a reporter for a long time, Demond has received more than the standard compensation.

Fernandez has never addressed his earnings with the media, indicating that he would rather keep some of his personal worries to himself than discuss them with the tabloids.

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What Will Demond Fernandez Do Now That He’s Gone From WFAA 8 Dallas?

Demond Fernandez joined WFAA in June 2014 and is now leaving for Detroit, MI.

After learning of his resignation from the station after nine years, people began to speculate about his next step.

Meanwhile, Demond has not produced an official statement on his new station, despite numerous questions raised about Fernandez’s social media posts.

“Oh, wow!” exclaimed a journalist.

Outstanding work! So, what are your long-term plans?” “Hey there,” Demond replied to the question.

“We’re on our way to Detroit, Michigan!” says the driver.

As a result, it seems clear that Demond is relocating to Detroit.