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Wife of Johnny Wactor: Is He Engaged? Is He Leaving General Hospital?

Johnny Wactor

Sasha Corbin is the fictitious wife of General Hospital’s longest-running character, Brando Corbin (Johnny Wactor). On September 20, 2022, a moment from General Hospital left viewers wondering whether Johnny Wactor was quitting the show. Wactor is a producer and actor from the United States who has been working in the industry since 2010.

He has starred in various short films and has been playing Brando Corbin on General Hospital since 2017.

Wactor worked as a right-hand swim coach and head swim coach at Pine Woodland Nation Club in Summerville, South Carolina, from April 2003 until July 2005, when he was just beginning out as a performing artist.

Johnny Wactor: How Old Is He? 

On August 31, Johnny Wactor was born to White American parents.

Since his birth date, he has lived in South Carolina.

Wactor is of American descent and follows Christianity.

The star sign of the major actor is Virgo.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Charleston in his early years.

Wactor has been in the performing business since 2007.

His role in General Hospital, Brando Corbin, is well-known to fans all around the world.

Is Johnny Wactor Married?

Johnny Wactor, also known as Brando Corbin, has not yet married.

He has not made any public statements about their marital statuses.

That suggests the leading man has not recently married any gorgeous woman.

Johnny, on the other hand, published some of the images with his sweetheart on Instagram to honor his anniversary and to give admirers a glimpse into their incredible adventure.

Johnny Wactor
Johnny Wactor and his girlfriend. Source: currentaffairs

In various interviews, he has mentioned her girlfriend several times but has never mentioned her name.

Jonny appears to prefer to keep these details private.

Perhaps the actor and his girlfriend prefer to avoid the paparazzi and news agencies.

Aside from that, Jonny Wactor, who plays Brando Corbin on General Hospital, is married to Sasha Corbin.

In the concert, they act as a natural husband and wife, which is why millions of fans adore the cabin couple.

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Is Jonny Wactor Leaving General Hospital? Johnny On Screen Wife Reaction

Johnny Wactor’s departure from General Hospital is confirmed by newly released episodes.

The longest show in the Guinness World Records book is General Hospital.

The show has been engaging audiences with its 15000 episodes since 1963.

Since 2017, Jonny has played the role of Brando Corbin.

He’s been the show’s loving charter since his first appearance.

However, viewers may be saddened because the show’s main character, Brando, has been killed.

Johnny Wactor
General Hospital star Johnny Wactor breaks silence on his exit from show with shocking statement. Source: The US Sun

Brando was viciously beaten by muggers in the episode that aired on September 20, 2022.

He was critically hurt and was rushed to the hospital, where the procedure was conducted by a doctor.

The procedure was successful, but Brando began to feel disoriented after a while and died during the performance.

Sasha, his wife, was deeply impacted by his loving husband’s untimely demise.

There is no way Wactor, who played Brando, will return to the show after his death.

We can expect that Jonny Wactor will not be in the lead following this.

The news will be confirmed by the shoemakers shortly.