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Xolani Khumalo Arrested And Charged:

Xolani Khumalo

 The tech figure has generated controversy after a narcotics dealer they were investigating inexplicably died. Sizokuthola is hosted by Xolani Khumalo, a tech leader. The tech titan is dedicated to combating South Africa’s increasing drug problem.

Xolani, the host of Sizokuthola,

is doing his part to serve the Lord by exposing drug-related hotspots and cleaning up the streets.

Despite the dangers of confronting feared drug lords, Khumalo,

He has been from city to city over the last four months,

smashing drug lords hiding behind strong walls and demanding they accept responsibility for their actions.

Despite recent reports of a man who died during a drug bust, people continue to support the popular show.

What Happened When Xolani Khumalo Was Arrested And Charged?

Robert Varie, a suspected drug dealer, died after the Sizok’thola team visited his residence in Katlehong on Wednesday.

As a result, South African police reportedly apprehended Xolani Khumalo.

However, official news of his detention has yet to circulate on the internet.

According to Moja Love, an investigation is underway into how a well-known drug dealer died while filming a Sizok’thola episode.

Robert Varie, an alleged drug dealer, died after Sizokuthola’s enforcers paid a visit to his home.

Police officers accompany presenter Xolani Khumalo as he performs raids on alleged drug traffickers

‘ homes and businesses in the documentary “Sizok’thola,” which translates to “We’ll get you.”

Xolani Khumalo
Xolani in stage source: Twitter

Robert Varrie, the alleged drug dealer,

died on Wednesday after the crew paid a visit to a property in Katlehong.

“While the crew can confirm that the deceased was being questioned near the premises,

the channel is still looking into the circumstances that allegedly required the deceased to be rushed to the hospital.”

This is the case, according to a statement made by Moja Love on Sunday.

During the raid, the crew worked alongside law enforcement agents,

and everything done that day was legal, according to the station.

According to the channel, after it is determined that the suspects are drug dealers,

the police take them into custody so that they can conduct extra investigations and make arrests.

Scandal And Controversy Over Xolani Khumalo

Xolani Khumalo has sparked outrage after being linked to the killing of Robert “Kicks” Varrie, a man suspected of being a drug dealer.

Varrie died as a result of an event involving Moja Love’s team members who were present during a house visit in Katlehong on a Wednesday.

The crew was apparently questioning Robert, the alleged drug dealer, during this visit when he died.

Investigator Moja Love is inquiring into the death of an alleged drug dealer while filming ‘Sizok’thola.’

Because the nature of the interrogation and the occurrences that led

to his death are unknown, the channel Moja Love is currently investigating them.

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In a statement released on Sunday,

Xolani Khumalo
Xolani death news source: Youtube

Moja Love confirmed that their staff was near to the area of the interview.

They stated unequivocally that they were accompanied by law

enforcement agents during the raid and that everything they did that day was legitimate.

Moja Love went on to say that if suspects are identified as drug dealers,

they are given over to the police for further investigation and possible arrest.

They have declared that they are willing to assist law officials in any investigation into Robert Varrie’s death.

The specific circumstances surrounding Varrie’s death, as well as the extent

of Xolani Khumalo’s involvement, are still being investigated.