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Yelawolf’s Net Worth, Height, Age, Career, Wiki, Family


Who exactly is Yelawolf? Yelawolf is another stage name for Michael Wayne Atha. He is a rapper from the United States. His nickname is highly known all around the world.

He was born in the United States of America on December 30, 1979.

He is supplying the Hollywood industry with the best rap records.

In the rap genre, he rose to prominence for his distinct style and narrative ability.

He has recorded several successful albums and cooperated with a number of well-known musicians.

A complete timeline of Yelawolf’s life and career is provided below:

He is born in Gadsden, Alabama on December 30, 1979.

In 2005, wolf publishes his first independent album, “Creekwater.”

Wolf signs with Interscope Records and releases his major-label debut album, “Trunk Muzik 0-60,” in 2010, which includes big singles including “Pop the Trunk” and “Daddy’s Lambo.”

Yela joins with rapper Eminem on the single “Throw It Up” in 2011, and the EP “The Slumdon Bridge” with British singer Ed Sheeran is released.

Yela’s second studio album, “Radioactive,” is released in 2012, and features collaborations with musicians like as Kid Rock and Lil Jon.

Wolf’s third studio album, “Love Story,” is released in 2015, and includes the popular single “Till It’s Gone” as well as country music elements.

Yela releases his fourth studio album, “Trial by Fire,” in 2017, featuring collaborations with Travis Barker and Kid Rock.

2018: Yelawolf releases “Trunk Muzik III,” his fifth studio album, and the follow-up to his debut album “Trunk Muzik 0-60.”

2019: Yelawolf declares that he is no longer signed to Shady Records, an Eminem-owned record company.

2020: Yelawolf signs with Slumerican Records and publishes his debut album, “Ghetto Cowboy.”

2021: Yelawolf publishes “Mile Zero,” an album that incorporates collaborations with a variety of musicians, including Caskey and Jelly Roll.

Yelawolf has received praise for his distinct aesthetic and narrative ability.

He worked with well-known musicians and released several successful records.

Despite personal difficulties, Yelawolf is a revered and prominent personality in the rap genre.

About Info
Full Name Michael Wayne Atha
Profession American Rapper
Popular For Trunk Muzik 0 to 60 album
Age (As of 2022) 43 years old
Date of Birth December 30, 1979
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Birth Place Gadsden, Alabama, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity Cherokee
School/University Carter Lawrence Middle
Height 1.83 m
Eye Color Green
Weight 76 kg
Estimated net worth $4.5 million
Father Mitchell Howard Atha
Mother Sheila Mitchell
Wife Fefe Dobson
Children N’Deyah Atha, Tariq Atha, Phoenix Atha
Siblings Jazmen, Amy, Coty, PJ
Social Media InstagramYoutubeDeezer

Yelawolf’s Music

Yelawolf is a rapper whose rap and singing CDs have been disseminated and listened to all over the world.

Yelawolf posing for a photoshoot. Source: Youtube

You and Me, Pop the Trunk, Let’s Roll, American You, Best Friend, Money, Daddy’s Lambo, Trunk Muzik, and others are among his albums.

Yelawolf’s Age

Yelawolf was born in the United States of America on December 30, 1979.

He is getting older by the day, and he is now 43 years old and the father of three children.

Wife of Yelawolf

Yelawolf married Fefe Dobson, a Canadian singer-songwriter who had previously been his lover.

They first got engaged in July 2013 and married on September 27, 2019.

Her wife is so talented that she began singing as a child.

Yelawolf and Fefe Dobson. Source: grungecake

She was born in Canada on February 28, 1985.

She is the mother of three kids.

They are now in a happy relationship after marrying their long-term girlfriend and boyfriend.

Yelawolf’s Merchandise

He maintains an official Yelawolf merch store where he sells home apparel, accessories, shirts, and occasionally bomber jackets at reasonable costs.

His followers enjoy wearing his clothing and other goods, therefore he is now selling them at a reasonable price.

Yelawolf’s Children

On September 27, 2019, he married his long-term fiancée, and the couple chose to have a baby, becoming the parents of three children.

Tariq Atha, N’Deyah Atha, and Phoenix Atha are their children’s names.

The couple split and separated for personal reasons, but the children remained with their mother and father.

Children are drawn to their parents, and Yelawolf frequently posts photos with his three children.

Family of Yelawolf

Yelawolf was born in the United States.

Mitchell Howard Atha is his father’s name, and Sheila Diane is his mother’s.

He grew up in America and spent the majority of his 20s and 30s there.

He then fell in love with Canadian singer Fefe and married her in July.

They later realized they were made for each other, and the couple married on September 25, 2019.

He began living with his wife after their marriage, and after a few years, he became a father, and he now has three children with whom he lives.

Due to personal reasons, the couple are now separated and living apart, but the children continue to visit both parents and receive affection from both.

Yelawolf’s net worth is unknown.

Yelawolf appears to be making a lot of money from his singing profession.

He also generates money from his outfits and accessories, which anyone can purchase for dollars or more.

He is thought to make around $4.2 million.

Wolf also launched his own record label, Slumerican.

He is a successful rapper who earns a solid living.

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Social Media of Yelawolf

Yelawolf is active on Instagram, where he has 1 million followers.

He posts songs and albums, as well as photos of himself, his family, and his followers.

His fans adore his merchandise and continue to purchase it, allowing him to generate money.

He sometimes takes a break from his social media accounts to get away from everyone and then returns when he feels better.

Due to personal issues, he does not want to use social media.