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Affair And Scandal With Benjamin Millepied:

Benjamin Millepied

The rumor of Benjamin Millepied’s affair is causing havoc in his marriage life and has brought him to the brink of divorce. Learn more in-depth. Benjamin Millepied, 46, is a French dancer and choreographer best known for his LA Dance Project.

His career began in 1995 when he joined the New York City Ballet,

where he rose through the ranks to become a soloist in 1998 and principal dancer in 2002.

Following in the footsteps of his dancing career,

Benjamin Millepied met his wife, Natalie Portman, for the first time thanks to the thriller,

in which he appeared and danced. The couple began dating soon after their first meeting.

The couple later got engaged in 2010 and married in 2012.

However, the 11-year marriage appears to be in jeopardy due to current rumors of Benjamin Millepied’s adultery.

Affair And Scandal With Benjamin Millepied: Is He Cheating On Camille Étienne?

The first report of Benjamin Millepied’s affair with French climate

change activist Camille Étienne surfaced in March 2023.

According to Page Six, the scandal erupted when the French magazine Voici

released images showing Camille and Benjamin separately entering his Paris office in May 2023.

They were seen leaving the office only after spending 2 hours together at 10-minute intervals.

Meanwhile, nothing is known about environmental activist Camille Étienne because she has not made her life public.

Benjamin Millepied
Benjamin with his wife source : twitter

According to multiple accounts,

Camille is a 25-year-old social justice advocate who has gone on various TV shows to discuss her campaign and ideals.

She is also a published author, having penned “For an Ecological Uprising: Overcoming Our Collective Powerlessness.”

Camille’s Instagram account has approximately 323K followers,

and her posts about political and environmental issues demonstrate her dedication to activism.

Meanwhile, no information on how the two met or became acquainted

is available because they have not confirmed the relationship rumor.

According to an insider source speaking with US Magazine, his wife Natalie

believed Benjamin Millepied’s romance was a fleeting and dumb connection with no significance in his life.

Benoit Millepied Natalie Portman’s Wife Rumor of Divorce

Things may not be going as planned for Natalie Portman and her husband,

Benjamin, as separation rumors erupt as a result of the extramarital instability that Benjamin has generated.

Since their marriage in 2012, the couple has used Instagram to celebrate their love life and brag about their married status.

Out of love, the couple was even blessed with two children. Aleph was born in 2011,

even before their wedding date was set, and Amalia was born in 2017.

It’s possible that Benjamin Millepied and his wife Natalie Portman are having an affair.

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However, Natalie and Benjamin’s relationship was already strained in 2022,

Benjamin Millepied
Benjamin with his wife first time in red carpet source: People

although the couple did their best not to disrupt their child’s home.

They were keeping things discreet while attempting to work out their marriage.

As a result, Natalie waited for Benjamin to reclaim her trust, as the charge “humiliated” Natalie Portman, according to a source.

However, during the Angel City Equity Summit recently,

Natalie Portman was alone without her spouse and her engagement ring on August 4, 2023,

the day of her 11th anniversary, leading others to believe that the couple had divorced.

A source even spoke to US Magazine, saying,

They’ve been attempting to work on their marriage since word of his affair broke, but they’re currently on the outs.

However, nothing is certain until the duo acknowledges the rumors.

Instead of waiting for Natalie and Benjamin’s relationship to end, let us hope that the Benjamin Millepied affair is merely a rumor for the best.