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Net Worth and Salary

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Alexander Zverev’s Relationship, Net Worth And Family

Alexander Zverev

People are interested in Alexander Zverev Wife since the player is one of the finest. Alexander Zverev, sometimes known as Sascha Zverev, is a professional tennis player from Germany. He began playing tennis at a young age and quickly advanced through the junior circuit.

Zverev rose fast through the professional tennis ranks, breaking into the top 100 in 2016 and the top 10 in 2017.

In 2017, he also won his first ATP Tour title, the Open Sud de France in Montpellier.

In addition, he set a career-high with a third-place rating.

What Is Alexander Zverev’s Father’s Name? Family Information

The 24-year-old German Alexander Zverev was born in Hamburg, Germany on April 20, 1997.

Tennis was taught to Zverev by his parents, both of whom were professional players.

Alexander Mikhailovich Zverev and Irina Zverev, both Russians, gave birth to him.

His father was a professional tennis player who represented the Soviet Union and reached the world number 175 throughout his career.

His mother was formerly the fourth-ranked women’s player in the country.

His parents relocated from Sochi to Moscow to play at the military-run CSKA Moscow Tennis Club.

Alexander Zverev is during the match. Source: Last Word on Sports

However, because the Soviet Union prohibited players from participating outside the country, his parents were unable to fully develop their children’s tennis skills.

When the Soviet Union fell apart, Zverev’s mother relocated to Germany to compete against her husband, who was also her coach.

They ultimately got jobs as tennis coaches in Germany.

Mischa, Sascha’s older brother, is also alive. Mischa labeled Zverev as “very competitive” in an interview.

“He refused to admit or recognize that he was losing,” Mischa went on to say.

The German star will battle for the prestigious Wimbledon Trophy in London.

He began his grass season by losing in the Round of 16 against Ugo Humbert at the Halle Open.

Alexander Zverev’s Net Worth

Alexander Zverev’s Net Worth is projected to be much higher than $30 million.

So far, he has won $30,321,591 in prize money from singles and doubles tennis.

Head sponsors Zverev’s tennis rackets. He’s been playing with its rackets since he was five years old.

Zverev is also a brand ambassador for the sumptuous Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille.

Peugeot, Adidas, and Z Zegna are among the other notable companies that Sascha supports.

Zverev will collaborate with Rolex in 2021.

Alexander had never won an ATP match before reaching the final four of the International German Open at the age of 17.

He defeated Roger Federer in the semi-finals of the 2016 Halle Open, ending his string of 10 consecutive final appearances.

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Wife of Alexander Zverev: Is He Married To Sophia Thomalla? Do they have kids?

Nope, it doesn’t. Alexander Zverev is not currently married.

Since 2019, he has been dating German actress and model Sophia Thomalla.

Alex approached her in a Paris coffee shop in October 2019 and the two began dating.

Their romance, on the other hand, lasted only a year.

When asked about the breakup, the model explained, “We had crises earlier and then stopped our relationship with Alex.”

When asked why this occurred, she responded, “Because we have different perspectives on life.”

Sophia Thomalla is well-known in Germany’s entertainment sector.

Alexander Zverev is with his girlfriend. Source: FirstSportz

She began her career as a model and has since moved on to acting, appearing in a number of well-known television shows and films.

Her acting career began with a German television series. Thomalla has also been on television and in the movies.

She is ranked third on FHM’s list of the sexiest women. Zverev and Thomalla are childless.

They have been dating for two years. He also noted how Sophia helps him with his work.

Brenda Patea, a German model recognized for her beauty and tiny waist, was born on September 2, 1993.

She had been dating professional tennis player Alexander Zverev for less than a year before they split up for personal reasons.

Their daughter, Mayla, was born after their divorce.