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Is Kelly Piquet Expecting A Baby With Max Verstappen? Dating History Explored

Kelly Piquet

No. Kelly Piquet is not expecting a child with her partner, Max Verstappen. The myth started after Kelly Piquet purportedly announced her pregnancy via Instagram story and then removed it after a short time. Tamsma Piquet Souto Maior, is a successful Brazilian model, influencer, and blogger. In addition, she is a journalist and a public relations specialist.

Kelly Piquet is from a racing dynasty family.

Nelson Piquet Sr., her father, is an F1 icon.

Similarly, her younger brother Pedro Piquet races in the Formula 3 series for Van Amersfoort Racing.

In terms of her personal life, you may be aware that the model is dating 2021 F1 World Champion Max Verstappen.

However, there is been speculation that the model is pregnant with the drive racer’s child.

Is Kelly Piquet expecting Max Verstappen’s child?

Kelly Piquet’s pregnancy rumor originated in September 2022, after a screenshot of her Instagram story began circulating.

According to the screenshot of the story, “I tested positive but not for covid; thanks for all your best wishes.”

There was also a pregnant woman and a couple emoji.

The revelation upset Verstappen-Piquet supporters all across the world. They assumed Verstappen was on his way.

However, the story was stated to be swiftly removed.

Despite the astonishment, Kelly and Max’s followers remained calm and meticulously reviewed the screenshots.

As a result, many of them discovered problems in the screenshots of the report and took to Twitter to emphasize that the news was a hoax.

Kelly Piquet
Kelly Piquet shows first photo of daughter. Source: vouge

The font used to display the time in the screenshot differs from Instagram’s font.

The incorrect typeface damaged the story’s legitimacy.

The new phony pregnancy announcement has sparked controversy.

However, several people questioned the story’s veracity and explained that the news was bogus.

One admirer said, “The SS looks so fake; ima need Max /Kelly¬† to announce something to tell me if they’re pregnant or not; thanks xo.”

Another user commented on Twitter, “as if they would announce her pregnancy with a story and then take it down minutes later.”

Regardless, there is still a lot of uncertainty. Is Kelly expecting a child? Or was the screenshot a forgery?

In any case, there is a buzz. It would be fantastic if Kelly or Max addressed the news/rumor.

Timeline of Kelly Piquet and Max Verstappen’s Relationship

There is no information available on when Kelly Piquet and Max started dating.

However, Max Verstappen ended his relationship with his ex-girlfriend in October 2020.

Kelly, on the other hand, divorced her ex-boyfriend Daniil Kvyat in late 2019.

In December 2020, the racer will travel to Brazil to celebrate New Year’s Eve with Kelly.

Throughout the year, the couple’s relationship got stronger.

Kelly Piquet
Kelly Piquet and her husband Max Verstappen. Source: US Weekly

Since then, the media has documented their growing love and affection.

On their respective social media, the loving couple also posts numerous images of themselves having a pleasant time together.

Let’s hope the Piquet-Verstappen marriage lasts forever.

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Meet Kelly Piquet’s Previous Relationship’s Daughter

Kelly Piquet had a brief relationship with Daniil Kvyat. The former couple revealed their relationship on Instagram in January 2017.

The ex-couple was madly in love with one another.

They frequently posted images of themselves having a good time on social media.

Furthermore, the vehicle became a fixture on the racing circuit.

Kelly and Daniil Kvyat welcomed a daughter, Penelope Kvyat, on July 27, 2019.

She and her ex-boyfriend split up before Christmas 2019 after a two-year love relationship.