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Ayumu Hirano

Ayumu Hirano’s Net Worth is Unknown.

Ayumu Hirano

Who is Ayumu Hirano?

Ayumu Hirano is a Japanese snowboarder and Olympic skateboarder who has won three medals at the Winter Olympics. He is a well-established, prominent, and well-known Japanese personality who has risen to prominence as a result of his outstanding performance at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. In the 2013 Winter X Games XVII, he took home the silver medal in the superpipe.

At the age of 14, Ayumu Hirano won a silver medal and was nominated as the youngest medalist in the history of the X Games. He went on to win silver medals in the half-pipe at the 2014 Winter Olympics and the 2018 Winter Olympics. He is currently in the news after winning the gold medal at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. In the discipline of skateboarding, he has also been a prominent competitor at the Summer Olympics 2020 in Tokyo.

Ayumu Hirano- Birth, Parents, Siblings & Education

Ayumu Hirano was born and raised in the snowy region of Japan, in the little seaside city of Murakami.

Her birthday is unknown. His mother gave him the name Ayumu, which means “walk the dream” in Japanese.

She wished for him to pursue his ambition and persevere in bringing it to fruition, just like he had done with all of his other dreams. Hidenori is Ayumu’s father’s name.

Hidenori is also a surfer who later founded a surf store and rose to prominence after creating the Nihonkai Skate Park in his birthplace of Murakami from the ground up.

The father opened the surf shop in the hopes that one day his son would fall in love with the sport and pursue it professionally.

Ayumu, on the other hand, was not a big fan of surfing. Rather, he pursued his passion for skateboarding, following in the footsteps of his older brother, Eiju, who is nearly three years his senior.

Net Worth of Ayumu Hirano? Salary, Earnings

Ayumu Hirano must undoubtedly be a multi-millionaire. Burton has been a sponsor for him since he was in fourth grade.

He’ll need to work with a variety of companies and sponsors to build a high-profile platform. He has not, however, revealed any information about his net worth.

Ayumu Hirano
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Facts of Ayumu Hirano

Real Name Ayumu Hirano
Birth Date 29 November 1998
Age  23 Years
Birth Place Murakami, Niigata, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Profession Skateboarder
Religion Christianity
Sun sign Sagittarius
Father Hidenori Hirano
Mother Tomiko Hirano
Brother Eiju Hirano
Marital Status Single
Affair No

Ayumu Hirano- Relationship, Married Life, Boyfriend/ Girlfriend

Ayumu has never been in a romantic relationship. He is more concerned with his career.

His profession appears to be more important than anything else in his life.

He has recently made headlines as a result of his gold medal performance at the Winter Olympics 2022.

Ayumu Hirano- Height, Weight, Hair Colour

There is no data on body measurements. The height, weight, and hair color of this individual remain unknown.

We will update you as soon as possible.

Ayumu Hirano- Professional Career

In March 2011, Ayumu made his debut at the international games. He won the Burton US Junior Open for the first time.

He used to follow his mentor Kazuhiro Kokubo until that age. His older brother competed in the event and came in sixth place.

Ayumu Hirano, the world record holder, was invited to Burton High Fives in 2012, which was hosted in New Zealand at the time and where Ayumu won the gold medal at the age of 13.

He was asked to compete in the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado later that year (the biggest snowboarding non-Olympic stage).

Ayumu won a silver medal at the event, despite the fact that he was just 14 years old at the time and finished second to Shaun White.

With that accomplishment, he shot to fame and amassed a sizable fan base. Ayumu began to participate in numerous activities later on.

Among them were the Burton European Open (where he finished first), the Burton US Open (where he finished second), and the Oakley Arctic Challenge (where he finished third), and he went on to win the halfpipe World Tour CHampion in 2012/13.

With all of these accomplishments, he became the youngest rider in the world. Ayumu earned a silver medal in 2014, finishing second to Switzerland’s Iouri Podladtchikov.

Hirano won the halfpipe event at the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022. He was first caught up in the ensuing debate over his successful second run.

In the second run, he got 91 points, one of his best ever, and included a triple cork, which had never been seen before in the Olympics.

Hirano went on to repeat his outstanding performance in the third round. He managed to land a “very dangerous” triple cork successfully. As a result, he was awarded the gold medal.

He became one of the first Olympic athletes from Japan to win a gold medal in snowboarding, particularly in the Winter Olympics, with this achievement.

He was also the first Japanese athlete to win an Olympic medal in three consecutive winter games. Ayumu began skateboarding when she was four years old and transitioned to snowboarding nearly a year later.

In an interview, Ayumu stated that he couldn’t recall when he first began snowboarding, but that he was too young at the time and that everything came effortlessly to him.

He joined a skateboarding squad known as “e-Yume Kids,” which translates to “wonderful dream kids.” He joined the Nihonkai Skate Park team and began competing in skateboarding events as a result.

Because there was no halfpipe near his house, Hirano’s father had to accompany him to Yokone Ski Resort in Yamagata Prefecture, where he could participate in Japan’s official permanent halfpipe.

The halfpipe was 4 meters shorter than the international norm. Burton (the major snowboarding brand) backed Ayumu, who has been a sponsor of Hirano since he was in fourth grade.

Ayumu Hirano- Social Media Status

There is no information on social media. We will update you soon.

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Quick Facts of Ayumu Hirano

  • Ayumu Hirano is a Japanese personality who has been a three-time Olympics medalist of snowboarding and Olympic skateboarding.
  • He is in the news because he has won the gold medal at the Winter Olympics in Beijing in 2022.
  • Recently, he is in the news because of his participation in the Winter Olympics 2022, where he has won a gold medal.
  • He has not disclosed the details regarding his net worth.
  • Ayumu started skateboarding at the age of 4 and then switched to snowboarding nearly half a year later.