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Baby Elephants Interrupt Reporter Alvin Kaunda

Alvin Kaunda

Baby Elephant makes an appearance. Alvin Kaunda is a journalist who lives in Kenya. In a beautiful moment, a baby elephant stopped reporter Alvin Kaunda. Since then, the video has been widely viewed and shared on the internet.

Alvin Patterson Kaunda is a Kenyan journalist based in Mombasa.

He is now working as an intern at Kenya Broadcasting Company (KBC).

According to his Instagram bio, he is a Wildlife Enthusiast and ‘The Elephant Whisperer.’

pedestrians, animals, you name it. It’s even hilarious when the interruption comes from the subject of the piece.

Baby Elephant Interrupts Reporter Alvin Kaunda, Social Media Video Goes Viral

On November 11, a lovely baby elephant interrupted a reporter’s live coverage in Kenya.

Alvin Kaunda was reporting for KBC 1 about the effects of droughts and human activity on animals.

It highlighted the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi, which cares for drought-affected juvenile elephants.

Young elephants were in the background as Alvin was reporting and speaking to the camera.

One of the elephants rubbed Alvin’s ear, head, and nose with his trunk.

The reporter kept a straight face and continued his reporting, but he soon caved.

Baby Elephant enjoys playing with KBC Reporter.

Alvin Kaunda
Alvin viral video source: Youtube

“It is up to us to be guardians of the natural world,” he is heard saying, urging everyone to help rescue the endangered species.

Soon later, he is delightfully disturbed by the animal.

When the trunk ended up in Alvin’s mouth, he burst out laughing.

Kenya is experiencing its worst drought in 40 years, killing over a thousand animals, including over 200 elephants.

512 wildebeests, 381 common zebras, 51 buffaloes, 49 Grevy’s zebras, and 12 giraffes are among the other creatures.

We must act quickly to halt the frightening rate of species extinction.

Experts have recommended supplying water and salt licks in impacted areas, particularly in Amboseli, Tsavo, and Laikipia Samburu.

What Was Alvin Kaunda’s Reaction To The Incident?

Reporter Alvin Kaunda later recounted the amusing incident,

saying he expected the elephants to be around but did not anticipate them to be that near to him.

It was his first time at the trust, and he wanted to have a good experience with the elephants.

He felt the elephant’s trunk brush against his back but chose to keep going because it was his tenth

take in front of the camera. Despite the fact that the trunk tickled him, he attempted to remain calm.

Alvin was convinced that nothing could stop him, but the creature’s cuteness weakened his resolve.

He went on to say that the trunk emitted no odor. He stated that he would have been if it had a bad odor.

Alvin Kaunda
Alvin with the elephant source: Daily Mail

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Although it was unexpected, the reporter stated that he enjoyed the experience.”

Alvin stated that he enjoys animals and that this was a dream reporting article for him.

He also emphasized his desire to become closer to more animals.

“I’ve set a goal of getting close to the big five.” “So far, only the Lion and the Leopard remain,” Alvin added.

To be fair, coming too close to those two remaining monsters could be dangerous.

Nonetheless, Alvin remains composed under duress.

His story has heightened global awareness of what is happening with the drought, though perhaps not in the way he had hoped.

The video has gone viral on social media, with many people praising the reporter’s poise and poise.