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Who Are Ana Walshe Parents? Family And Net Worth

Ana Walshe

Ana Walshe’s parents remain unknown. People have been wondering about her family since news of her unexplained disappearance and suspected death leaked. Ana Walshe, a woman from Massachusetts, has been missing for more than two weeks. Brian Walshe, her husband, is now accused with her murder.

Following some grisly recent findings, he will appear in court again in February.

Ana Walshe’s Parents and Family:

Ana Walshe was the daughter of Milanka Ljubicic and an undisclosed father.

She told Fox News Digital that her daughter asked her to fly to Washington, D.C., through text message on Christmas Day.

Ana Walshe
Ana Walshe begged mother to visit her one week before disappearance. Source: boston

“Please, mama,” Ana implored, according to Milanka. Come back tomorrow.” She assumed it meant there had to be some issues.

She went on to say that her daughter didn’t explain why she needed to fly so quickly, and that she couldn’t.

“I’m 69 years old, I need my medications, and a thousand other things,” she revealed during an interview in Belgrade.

Ana was married to Brian Walshe, and they had three sons, ages two to six.

Brian Walshe is accused of killing his wife, Ana Walshe.

Brian Walshe, 47, is accused of murdering his wife, Ana Walshe.

He murdered and dismembered his wife Ana before disposing of her remains in dumpsters, according to a prosecutor at his arraignment on Wednesday, January 18.

Ana’s possessions and blood were discovered in the rubbish, which led to that allegation.

Authorities also discovered supporting surveillance footage, DNA matches, and scary Google searches.

Brian of Cohasset is due back in court on February 9.

He had previously been arrested for deceiving detectives after Ana went missing earlier this month.

At his arraignment in Quincy District Court on January 9, 2023, he first pled not guilty to the charge.

Ana Walshe
Brian Walshe, husband of Ana Walshe, indicted on murder charge in her disappearance. Source: CNN

According to Assistant District Attorney Lynn Beland, Brian went to a nearby home improvement store before his wife went missing to get a tarp and cleaning supplies.

Investigators discovered a knife and blood in the basement of their home, according to Beland.

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What happened to Ana Walshe?

Ana Walshe, 39, was reported missing by her spouse and workplace on January 4, 2023, according to police.

The missing Massachusetts lady has been missing for over two weeks.

Ana was last seen by a family member at her Cohasset residence from 4 to 5 a.m. on January 1.

She was meant to take a ride share to the airport in order to catch a trip to Washington, D.C.

According to Cohasset Police Chief William Quigley, police have not been able to confirm whether or not she took it.

Ana, according to police, never boarded an aircraft from Boston Logan International Airport.

Her cell phone and credit cards have also been deactivated since the beginning of 2023.

“So far, there’s been no electronic footprint at all,” Quigley said at a press conference on January 6.

Local and state police launched an ongoing ground search in Cohasset for clues related to Ana’s disappearance.

Two days of searching in the woods surrounding her house yielded “negative results.”

The search, which included the assistance of the Police K-9 team and the State Police Air Wing, yielded no results.

“Simultaneously, State Police and Cohasset Police detectives continue to undertake various investigative actions to determine Ms. Walshe’s whereabouts,” police stated in a statement.

Ana Walshe works for a property management company in Washington, D.C. Her job demanded that she travel to the city many times every month.