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Carol Lee and Nancy Lee, who are they?

Carol Lee

People are now intrigued about Coco Lee’s sister since the death of the Chinese-American singer has touched every corner of the Internet. Let’s find out more about them.

Ferren Lee was a multi-talented Chinese-American artist known professionally as Coco Lee.

She was an accomplished singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer, and actor.

In 1999, the singer released her debut English-language album, “Just No Other Way.”

Coco Lee’s extraordinary journey featured a spectacular Oscars performance.

She sang the nominated Best Original Song “A Love Before Time” from the highly acclaimed film “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”

Coco Lee died on July 5, 2023, at the age of 48, leaving behind a legacy of creative achievements.

The singer took her own life through suicide.

After her sister broke the heartbreaking news of Coco’s death, online users were impelled to learn more about Coco’s family history.

Carol Lee
Carol with Nancy lee on stage source: Youtube

 Lee and Nancy Lee are the sisters of Coco Lee.

Carol Lee and Nancy Lee are the late Coco Lee’s two older sisters. Coco was the youngest of three siblings, all of whom were females.

Nancy, Coco’s sister, was the one who revealed the terrible news of her death on social media.

According to Nancy, Coco attempted suicide at her home on July 2, following which she was transported to the hospital and placed in a coma.

Carol Lee’s sisters Coco Lee And Nancy Lee are the late singer Coco Lee’s two older sisters.

She also said that Coco had been suffering from depression for some years, with her condition worsening in recent months.

Nancy was also Coco’s manager, and she earlier (in 2020) gave an uncomfortable interview regarding her sister’s marital life.

Nancy says she would confront the subject openly if Coco’s marriage has problems.

Nancy went on to say that Coco, who was 45 at the time, was doing well and had had chances for reflection, but she didn’t go into any additional detail.

While there isn’t much information on Carol, both sisters were important parts of Coco’s life, supporting her through her trials.

More on Coco Lee’s Sister’s Age Difference and Family

Carol Lee
Carol receiving award source: People

Unfortunately, Coco Lee’s sisters were not as well-known as she was, therefore their birth dates were not made public.

Coco was the youngest of three siblings, thus she was blessed to enjoy the affection of two older sisters throughout her childhood.

Coco Lee was born in Hong Kong to an Indonesian father and a mother of Hong Kong Cantonese origin.

Unfortunately, her father died before she was born. Coco’s mother moved her and her sisters to San Francisco when she was nine years old.

Coco attended San Francisco’s Presidio Middle School and Raoul Wallenberg Traditional High School.

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Coco Lee is married

Lee married Bruce Rockowitz, a Canadian businessman living in Hong Kong.

Despite having no biological children, CoCo Lee accepted the position of stepmother to her husband’s two adult daughters.

Nancy recently said that 2023 would have been Coco’s 30th anniversary in the music business after her death.

She went on to say that her family was very proud of her for attaining tremendous worldwide fame and making an indelible effect on viewers.

Coco’s family now feels that she has finally found peace in a brighter place where she will no longer be tormented by depression, according to Nancy.

She also expressed gratitude to the medical personnel for their attentive and caring care of her beloved sister over the previous three days.